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Team Rules
WEST Polo Rules, Guidelines, and Expectations
1. Family, Water Polo
WEST Polo operates on the order of Family first and Water Polo second. But with that said, WEST Polo
is family too. We rely on each other’s attendance to grow and develop as a whole.
2. Commitment, Hard Work, & Attitude
Basis of our program. To have a role in WEST Polo players must fully commit to their team, work hard at
everything they do all the time, and come with a good attitude, one with the mindset to always work hard, learn,
and strive for improvement.
3. Absences - Attendance Taken at Every Practice
Unexcused absences result in loss of playing time. In order to be excused from practice you must notify the
coaches as soon as you know or at least one hour before practice time. A parent signed note is required for
every absence.Notifying the coach late is considered an unexcused absence. Excused absences include:
1. Sick: if you have diarrhea, if you are vomiting, or if you have a temperature over 100° then you cannot play.
For almost all other sicknesses, do your best to at least show up to practice so the coaches can see and
talk to you. We need you to be there, even if you can’t play, to learn new things that we go over in practice.
2. Injury: if you are injured, talk to the coaches about it.
3. Appointments: should be done outside of practice time or season.
4. Be at Practice ON TIME
You are expected to be on deck no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of practice and in the water by the
exact time that practice begins. This allows for enough time to be suited and for lane lines to be taken out
so that we can start ON TIME. Have inhalers, water bottle, goggles, swim caps (girls), and anything else you might need during practice with you or on the deck before you get in the water.
5. Bring Your Gear
Players are expected to come prepared to each practice! Each player in each program needs...
   - A Notebook and writing instrument
   - Running Shoes
   - "Gym Attire" for dry-land training
   - Water Bottle
6. No talking while coaches are talking
Absolutely intolerable.
7. No whining, No Crying, No excuses
There is absolutely no whining at practice; it is your choice to be there. Crying is unacceptable in practice
unless you get hurt. Excuses are a waste of time for coaches always. Take responsibility for your actions and
understand that the coach is helping not hurting. We practice how we play and we do not play while we are
whining, crying, or making excuses.
8. No Floating on Balls, No Walls, and No Bottoms
9. Clean Up
Everyone at practice is responsible for cleaning up the pool at the end. It is a joint effort. The more we all help,
the faster we get done, and the faster we get to go home.
10. This Team is Bigger Than All of Us
Surrender your mind, body, and heart to the team. Leave egos and attitudes out of the program. Understand
the bigger picture, and be the best you can be for WEST Polo. Only good things will come of this.

The following links/documents will help to explain WEST's water polo program's rules, guidelines, and expectations.


USA/FINA Water Polo Rule Book