Volunteer Info

Every team family needs to turn in a $200 check made to WCST (please give to the volunteer coordinator) AND register for job responsibilities for the entire regular season by FRIDAY , JUNE 1st.  IF this does not occur,  your child/children will not be entered into a meet until the check is received. This check will only be cashed if job requirements are not fulfilled by the end of the season (checks will be deposited 7/19/18). 

  • Each family is responsible for working 3 meets throughout the season. This does not include Qualifications and/or Championships. 
    • If you have a swimmer in an age group that requires an Age Group Parent (10 & Under, 8 & Under and 6 & Under), TWO of your volunteers jobs must be Age Group Parent for your child's age group. Exception: If you work as a Stroke & Turn official, Starter, Computer Entry or Announcer, you are exempt from being an Age Group Parent. 

    •    Keep in mind, you are required to work Qualifications AND Championship if your child is swimming in those meets.