Registration Info


2014-15 Fall Registration will be held at the pool

August 25 - 29 and September 2 -3, 2014, from 3-6 PM.

All paperwork to be filled out will be there.


Registration for the Carson Tigersharks programs is open all year.  You may join at anytime!  Our team is always looking for new members!


New prospective Members for Star Club and competitive team squads can come anytime between 3-6 pm for evaluation and registration.



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The following forms are required for fall registration for the Carson Tigersharks Competitive Swim Team, whether you are joining for the first time or are re-registering as a continued member (Super Squad, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pre Senior or Senior). 

***ALL swimmers on the competitive team must also bring $73 at the time of registration.  This fee is for Pacific Swimming, which is a requirement to be on the competitive team.

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