• It is no secret that for a swimmer to achieve success in swimming, a successful practice routine is essential. However, the degree of success greatly depends on attendance as well as the readiness and effort of the swimmer. Swimmers should attend 3 out of the 4 practices.

  • Attention and Respect to the coach's directions is "VERY" important to get the most out of you Practice.

  • Swimmers should get to practice 15 minutes prior to start.

  • RiverChase is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Swimmers will have access to lockers at the bathhouse but need to bring their own lock.

  • During practice all swimmers are expected to stay in the competition pool and with his/her assigned coach. SWIMMERS MUST STAY OUT OF THE RECREATIONAL POOL AREA AND AWAY FROM THE SLIDE AT ALL TIMES.

  • 100% Effort in Practice = Meet Excellence!