Event Attendance

Event Attendance/Regulations

  • Meet event participation will be emailed to you the night prior to the meet and may be posted on fence at practice the night before.

  • Please declare your swimmer/diver for each meet by logging into your Team Unify account. Click Edit Commitment and let the coaches know if your swimmer is available for each meet.

  • Swimmer or diver should arrive 15 minutes before the meet and be ready to hit the water!

  • Swimmers or diver should report to the Bullpen area upon arrival and check in with the Bullpen Coordinator.

  • Failure to arrive on time may forfeit the swimmers participation in the meet.

  • Failure to stay in the Bullpen area, may forfeit the swimmers participation in the meet.

  • Coaches, parents, workers and other swimmers “MUST BE RESPECTED” at ALL TIMES.

  • At meets we “CAN NOT HAVE CHAIRS IN THE BULLPEN AREA”. If there is a medical reason, this will need to be told to one of the Parent Reps before the season.

  • At all meets “ALL SWIMMERS AND DIVERS” must clean up their designated area before they leave the meet. No glass containers are allowed.

  • Swimmers are asked to bring appropriate competition gear. Please have all of your gear marked with your name.

    • Goggles (It’s advisable to have an extra pair.) - swim

    • Cap: (recommended for everyone to reduce drag) - swim

    • Towel (2 recommended)

    • Warm Clothes

    • Games ( cards or small travel games )

  • Ribbons are placed in family files as soon as possible, and made available at practice.
               Young swimmers receive ribbons for all places.
               Older swimmers receive ribbons for only 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each heat.

  • Have a sharpie.
               On the shoulder of the swimmer you should put your child’s last name. On their arm/hand, write down the following information:

    • Race Number

    • Event: Butterfly, Free, Back, Breast, Relays

    • Heat

    • Lane Number

  • Baby Oil and makeup remover will remove all ink from your children.

  • TELL KIDS PLEASE DO NOT write all over their backs….it’s fun, but it gets all over pool chairs.

           All Swimmers and Divers must read and sign the “Code of Ethics Pledge