Training Groups

Splash Club Tradition and History

Kenneth Treadway founded the Splash Club on December 6, 1950. Since then thousands of swimmers have participated, including second-generation Splash Club members. The Splash Club has developed Junior National Championship, National Championship, and Olympic Trials Qualifiers. In addition, U.S. National Team members, High School All-American Swimmers, and collegiate swimmers have been fostered by Splash Club. We are recognized as one of the finest programs in the nation including members holding state records.

Our Mission

The Phillips 66 Splash Club is dedicated to providing excellence in competitive swimming; designed to develop character, leadership skills and self-discipline in an environment of teamwork and competition.

Our Vision

Challenging Tomorrow’s Leaders, Building Lifelong Champions

Core Coaching Objectives

A. Positive Experience. Encourage swimmers to want to be a part of the Splash Club program. For younger age groups, this requires making practices and swim meets a fun and exciting experience. As swimmers mature, both in age and skill level, a positive experience requires more attention to goal achievement in an encouraging, constructive environment.

B. Build Individual Self-Esteem. Help Splash Club swimmers to develop a sense of pride in themselves and their efforts. Everyone should be proud of their efforts regardless of their abilities or level of commitment. Individual self-improvement is given priority over winning at all times.

C. Improve Technique. Help all swimmers improve their level of swimming proficiency. Some athletes will take advantage of technique training more than others, but the coach’s job is to provide equal instruction to all swimmers, regardless of ability.

D. Positive Motivation. Find a way to help every swimmer want to improve. No swimmer should feel less valuable or less important to the team than another. Our coaches will try to instill passion where there is none, and provide guidance where there is already passion.

E. Excellence in Training. Splash Club coaches will develop their respective training groups to maximize the competitive potential of all Splash Club swimmers. Individual swimmers will decide how much of the program they wish to take advantage of, but the program will be designed around and based on the highest levels of excellence in the sport.

Training Group Philosophy

Splash Club uses a ‘progressive’ age group program designed to develop the child physically, mentally and emotionally in a systematic fashion. A well-defined, long-term approach of gradually increasing performance levels is crucial for optimal performance during a swimmer’s psychological and physiological prime. The emphasis in the early stages of participation must be placed on developing technical skills and a love for the sport. In the later years, a more demanding physical and psychological challenge must be introduced to the training program. In this respect, ‘too much too soon’ is more often the cause of failure to achieve maximum potential in a senior swimmer than in the reverse situation.

All training groups emphasize skill development and self-improvement in a positive, character-building environment.

At each level in the Splash Club program, swimmers are instructed to strive for excellence. Excellence is simply, “being better today than you were yesterday”. This philosophy is consistent throughout the program and every Splash Club swimmer, novice to Olympian, is encouraged to “Be the Best You Can Be”.

In addition to emphasizing long-term rather than short-term results, it is also important that Splash Club establish training groups comprised of swimmers who are compatible in respect to physical, emotional and social abilities. At each level, the goals and objectives are specific and directed toward meeting the needs of the swimmer. The long-term goal of continued improvement and total excellence is always at the heart of every training group assignment.

Splash Club’s Training Groups

All training groups are designed as a progression up the ladder of success.  Each group builds on lessons taught in previous groups.  Your child/family’s commitment and involvement will expand and deepen as they progress through the groups.

Splashers- A pre-competitive instruction program which teaches kids the proper skills, technique, and introduction to interpersonal skills such as leadership, teamwork, perseverance and accountability.  Offers classes for kids ages 4-8.

Piranha- Typical ages 6-7. Offers 2 practices per week totaling 2 hours of instruction.  Piranha-Alpha trains Mon/Wed while Piranha-Beta trains Tues/Thurs. Improve physical stamina and increase performance consistency, while developing a love for the sport of swimming. Competition is primarily local with limited travel.

Barracuda- Typical ages 7-9. Offers 4 practices a week, each 1 hour long. Introduction to core strength training. Learn to interval train. Introduction of goal setting. Competition remains predominately local with limited travel.

Stingray- Typical ages 8-11.  Offers 3 hours of training over 3 days.  This is a parallel group that allows a child to be involved with Splash Club without the increase expectations of more advanced groups.

Tiger Sharks- Typical ages 9-10. Offers 5 practices a week, each 75 minutes in length. Expanded competitive opportunities.

Silver- Typical ages 11-14.  Offers 4.5 hours of training over 3 days. This is a parallel group that allows a child to be involved with Splash Club without the increased expectations of more advanced groups.

Diamond- Typical ages 10-12 with multiple years of competitive experience. 6 practices per week 75 minutes and 1hr 45min.

Platinum- Typical ages 12-14 with multiple years of competitive experience. 8 practices per week. 

National- High School age swimmers- 10 practices per week.

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