Our coaches for the 2019 swim season!


Ryan Gunn - Head coach

I started swimming competitively at the age of 5 on the Sharks Swim Team in Bermuda. I progressed through the levels and made it to National Squad for which I competed for 3 years. I 'retired' from swim team at the age of 17 to solely focus on my Olympic & World Championship races in the sport of Triathlon. I've had the pleasure to swim alongside some of the worlds best triathletes during my competitions and training. I learned different coaching and training methods throughout the years which are always evolving and adapting to make each team thrive. I coached my triathlon team for 9 years and the master's team for 4. As the new head coach for the East Cocalico Swim Team, I hope I can continue to pass on my knowledge to those individuals who seek competitive swimming outlooks as well as provide an enjoyable environment for all swimmers on the team.


Gloria Boronow - Assistant coach

I started out swimming at a very young age. My mother put me on the East Cocalico team when I was 6 years old and I’ve been a part of this family ever since. I started beating my personal records fairly young and I made it to Leagues when I was 12 years old. Every year I swam after, I made it there with the help of my coaches and team cheering me on. I’ve helped teach kids to swim for many years now. I started out at the Ephrata Community Pool and slowly started helping out with the younger kids practice here with the Dolphins. I’ve always loved working with the kids and helping to push my teammates to the best that they can be. I hope as a coach that I can help improve the team’s skills and enjoyment for swimming while providing a positive atmosphere.



Paxton Steffy 

We are excited to announce that Paxton Steffy will be joining our coaching staff this summer! Paxton swam with ECST for 9 years (and still holds some records) and also swam for the Cocalico high school team. Here’s what Paxton has to say about being an assistant coach for us. 
It is with great pleasure I am joining the coaching staff at East Cocalico Swim Team. I have been an athlete as long as I can remember. I have enjoyed the precision of gymnastics, the rigor of soccer, the endurance of track and field and the individual stroke skills of swimming. I have experienced many successes within my love of sports. As a collegiate soccer player, I understand the importance of practice and setting goals. I hope to give the swimmers my joy of swimming, the desire to meet personal goals, and the determination to compete against oneself and others. Together we can accomplish most anything, and I look forward to working with all swimmers on their quest to finish stronger, faster, and with more confidence. These key ingredients will make everyone winners!