Closer to the start of the season, the Jobs Coordinator will email all parents about signing up for their job requirement. Each family is required to work jobs during the swim season, and the amount can change each year depending on the number of families on our team. On average, each family is required to work four (4) jobs during the regular season.

In addition to the four jobs, families are also required to work at the Classic and/or City Championship meets if they have a swimmer swimming. The number of jobs for Classic and City changes each year too. The Naperville Swim Conference lets each team know how many jobs they need to fill. This is then communicated to our families closer to the championship meets.

The swim team cannot function without the tremendous support of our parents. Thank you!!


2017 Job Information Coming Soon




Missed Job Fines:

First time - $50

Second time - $100

Third time - $150

Fourth time - $200