Swim Groups


Age Group Level I (10 & Under)

This level is for 8 & under swimmers and some 9-10 swimmers who are learning all four competitive strokes. The emphasis is on developing the fundamentals of the strokes, starts and turns by means of drills and games in an enjoyable atmosphere for instruction. Swimmers learn the basic rules of competitive swimming. Attendance: Two to three practices per week are recommended.

Age Group Level II (8-12)

This practice level is designed for 9-10, 11-12 year olds and some experienced 8-year-olds. Improving stroke, start and turn techniques will be the primary emphasis in this level. It will serve as an introduction to the highest levels of age group swimming. Mild distances and endurance work will be introduced in training. Attendance: Three to four practices per week are recommended.

Age Group Level III (10-14)

This is WILD’s top Age Group level for 14 & under swimmers. Strong emphasis is placed on technique refinement with a stronger conditioning experience. General distance and IM work is also emphasized along with a strong dryland commitment and general body strengthening. Racing strategies and mental preparation are also introduced. Attendance: Three to four practices per week are recommended.

Senior Age Group IV (13 & Older)

This level is for high school athletes with a strong commitment to train and compete at the highest level. Swimmers must have the ability to handle the physical and mental demands of a rigorous training regimen. Practices include high level endurance, strength and speed training, technique refinement, and conditioning. In addition, there will be stretching, dryland, running and other fitness sessions incorporated into this practice level. The objective of this level is to prepare and compete in the YMCA National competition, USA National, collegiate level preparation and beyond. Attendance: Five or more practices per week are recommended.