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2018 Swim Lesson Policies

About the Program
TBAC Swim Lessons at Westchase strives to provide a safe and fun environment for swimmers of all ages to expand their swimming potential. Lesson progressions are geared toward introducing young swimmers to water safety and safe play as well as teaching introductory breathing techniques and basic swimming skills and strokes.

Contact the Westchase Swim and Tennis Center and pick which session and time slots work best for you. You are able to sign up for more than one session at a time! Once you’ve scheduled your date you will make your payment online through your Westchase Account!

Lessons are offered in sessions throughout the spring and the summer. Each session includes eight, 20 minute, one-on-one, swim lessons. The session dates are listed below:

Session 1 – March 19-April 5
Session 2 – April 9-26
Session 3 – April 30-May 17
Session 4 – May 7-17
Session 5 – May 29-June 7
Session 6 – June 11-21
Session 7 – June 25-July 3
Session 8 – July 9-July 19

Session 9 – July 23-August 2

Weather Policy
Florida is known for the unpredictable weather circumstances. The Westchase Swim & Tennis Center policy is to clear the pool at the first sign of severe weather. If bad weather causes your swim lesson to be cancelled then you will be contacted by your instructor. Instructors must follow the policies set for by the Westchase Swim & Tennis Center and it’s staff.

Late Policy
Please do your best to arrive early. Our instructors are on a strict schedule and if you arrive late we cannot guarantee you will have a full 20 minute lesson.

No Show / No Call Policy
If a swimmer misses a lesson and does not call the instructor about the absence, the lesson WILL NOT BE MADE UP. You may inform your instructor if you know in advance of an absence and it is at the instructors discretion if they will offer a makeup.

No Refund Policy
If at any time swimmers are unhappy with their instructors or choose to end the lesson session before the scheduled date, refunds are not permitted. However, we are happy to work with swimmers to provide a new instructor or to change the course of the lesson. Refunds are not offered at any time.

Make Up Policy
In the case that an instructor needs to make up classes due to weather, all make up days will be set by the instructor. If your swimmer is unable to attend at the make-up time provided by the instructor additional make up times will only be provided at the discretion of the instructor. Refunds are not permitted in cases where lessons are not made up due to scheduling conflicts.

Resident Private Lessons: $125.00 per session – NINE, 20 minute lessons
Non-Resident Private Lessons: $163.00 per session – NINE, 20 minute lessons

Resident Private Lessons: $110.00 per session – EIGHT, 20 minute lessons
Non-Resident Private Lessons: $143.00 per session – EIGHT, 20 minute lessons

Resident Private Lessons: $185.00 per session – SIX, 20 minute lessons
Non-Resident Private Lessons: $111.00 per session – SIX, 20 minute lessons

Payment Instructions:
Once you have scheduled your lesson at the swim and tennis center you will need to follow these instructions to complete you payment. If payment is not made on the first day of your lesson you WILL NOT be able to participate.

First you must create a login to approve resident or non-resident pricing.
1. Go to www.westchasewca.com
2. To the left of the page in the blue column click Register for Free.
3. Complete the form and click register.
4. Once your registration is approved (within 72 business hours), you will be able to make you payment online.

To make your payment:
1. Go to www.westchasewca.com
2. Login to your account.
3. Under the Westchase Recreation, then to Swim Program, then click - Swim Lessons * Pay Here *
4. At the bottom of the page under SIGN UP click select your session next to “Which program would you like to register for?”
5. Enter your participant’s name (the child) and follow payment instructions.

Coach Alex Richardson
Westchase Swim & Tennis Center – (813) 855-0662