Here at the Nation's Capital Swim Club we have a wide variety of groups and locations.

In order for us to better answer your questions,
please look over our FAQ's and who to email with your questions.

1. Questions regarding group registration?
Contact your coach or the following Head Coaches

Alexandria (Separate Registration)
Jeff King - jking961@cox.net 
Kellee Brotherton coachkelleeb@gmail.com

American University
Tim Kelly - 

Burke (Separate Registration)
Pete Morgan - ncap-burke@cox.net

Claude Moore 
Jessica Fry - jfry@nationscapitalswimming.com

Freedom Center (West)
Mark Faherty - fahertyswim@yahoo.com

Georgetown Prep
Bruce Gemmell - coachgemmell@comcast.net

Germantown (North)
Rob Washburn - rwashburn@nationscapitalswimming.com

Holton Arms
Mary Dowling - mdowling@nationscapitalswimming.com

Prince George 
Michelle Jordan - mjordan152@comcast.net

Kelly McCullough - kmccullough@nationscapitalswimming.com

Vint Hill (West)
Mark Faherty - fahertyswim@yahoo.com

Warrenton Aquatic & Recreation Facility (WARF)
 - fahertyswim@yahoo.com

2. Questions regarding Billing?
Contact the site Administrator or refer to your site's payment information under Locations.

Paul Makin - paul.j.makin@gmail.com

Pete Morgan - ncap-burke@cox.net

Spencer Ugast - sugast@nationscapitalswimming.com
Freedom Center / Vint Hill / WARF / Tysons / Claude Moore

Karyn McCannon - kmccannon@nationscapitalswimming.com
AU / Holton Arms / Georgetown Prep / Germantown / Prince George's County

3. Having trouble registering on Team Unify?

We understand that any new system may take some time getting used to.
Please email us if you have problems registering your swimmers. 

Please remember:

- You register your swimmers as Members with their FULL NAME
- Your family is one account
- Your session will time out after a long period of inactivity
- Please allow 7 days for your coach to approve the registration before you can log in.

4. Having trouble Managing your account on Team Unify?

Please take advantage of the video Tutorials once you log in. Your login will be sent to the email you entered while registering. The email will include instructions about setting your password.

There are video tutorials about the Team Unify site:

>My Account
>My Tutorials

Please email us if you still have troubles managing your site or have any of the following problems:
- Forgot Password
- Forgot log in email
- Never received login instructions (please allow 7 days from registration)
- Times missing from 
Contact Dory Halbe: dhalbe@nationscapitalswimming.com

You can also contact the Main Office with any specific questions you may have:
(703) 709 - 8274
8120 Woodmont Ave #101 Bethesda, MD 20814