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Swim Groups


Swimmers will be put into a group that best fits their personal needs in order to develop into a stronger swimmer. Work ethic, responsibility, team sportsmanship and respect will also be a factor in assigning swimmers a group. It will be the coaches decision, and the coaches reserve the right to change the groups as needed.  Any parent that has a question regarding the group their swimmer is in please see the coach after a practice and they will be happy to discuss it with you and your swimmer.  

It is not required for parents to attend practices, however, you are always welcome to stay and observe any practice. A gentle reminder though that while practice is being held please do not talk to or coach your child from the sidelines.  Allow the coaches to do their jobs.  Please review the swimmer/parent code of conduct for more information. 


Bronze Makos  

The Bronze group will be made up of swimmers age eight and younger, as well as new/beginning swimmers with no competition experience, or swimmers needing extra attention to develop swim strokes.  The goals in this group will include building GREAT kicks, acquiring body positioning skills and learning beginning basic details of ALL the strokes, with an emphasis on freestyle and backstroke.  Swimmers will also begin working on and developing starts, flip turns and finishes.  It is a requirement that new swimmers can complete one lap of freestyle without stopping.

Silver Makos

Swimmers in the Silver group will work on and develop all the strokes to become a well rounded swimmer.  We will develop and foster the mindset of competition with a focus on stroke technique, kicking, speed and aerobic capacity. Silver swimmers need to be open and willing to work on and develop all of the strokes, try new races, and be ready to be challenged to try new and harder sets of swimming. This group will be required to set goals for the season.  Silver group swimmers must be able to swim four laps of freestyle (200 FR) without stopping, display a knowledge (not perfection) of all strokes, starts and turns. 

Gold and Gold Elite Makos 

Gold and Gold Elite swimmers will be training for specific goals including time cuts, state cuts and high school training. These swimmers are motivated, and understand that with goals comes commitment, solid effort, and quality displays of leadership through team sportsmanship.  They will be expected to attack workouts and meets with positive attitudes, strong work ethics, and accept responsibility for their performances.  Gold and Gold Elite group swimmers will be required to set goals for the season.  The main difference between the Gold and Gold Elite groups will be the intensity of the workout.  Gold and Gold Elite swimmers possess the ability to complete 10 laps without rest (500 FR), and be proficient in all strokes starts and turns.