Parent Info



The Cache Valley Marlins (CVM) was started by Yolanda Bates in 2007. The club’s purpose at that time was to provide a feeder system for the high school team. In 2012, her daughter Nikki Walsh stepped into the role of owner and Head Coach of the team as Yolanda moved on to be a full time coach at BYU. 

The club has expanded its goals to include establishing a comprehensive competitive program for our community. CVM has not only become recognized as one of Cache Valley’s finest programs, but has also stepped up into the national level by virtue of many swimmers with qualifying times.

Our Mission

Cache Valley Marlins Swim Team strives to reach each individual’s potential in swimming and instill good life values such as self-discipline, self-confidence, organizational skills, hard work ethic, and responsibility. Through practice and competition swimmers learn to deal with success and failure, giving them the opportunity to develop social skills and to interact with swimmers of varied levels.

We emphasize individual progress over winning. Our team offers youth opportunities to become the best swimmer he or she desires to be, as well as a more confident and stronger individual not only physically but mentally as well.