Commitment/Sign Up

ONLINE SIGNUP IS EASY! Welcome to the 21st century. The online process to declare your child's availability to swim, or absence, is a very simple but important task that each family is expected to do. This information allows the coach to plan strategically and avoid costly scratches that could result in lost points for the team and opportunities for teammates. Declare your swimmer's availability to participate each week, or you can simplify your life and declare your swimmer's availability for the entire season at the beginning of the summer. 

The information contained within the "how to" tabs should help you navigate your way to a successful signup, and you'll quickly become a pro. Should you want to know more about a particular volunteer job or social committee before committing, brief descriptions can all be located in the “Volunteers” section of the website.

Why not make it easy on yourself and declare the entire season and choose your job signups all at once! Don't forget it's just as important to declare known absences such as vacations, as it is to advise the coach about your attendance. We respectfully ask that you make every effort to avoid vacations during swim season if possible. If travel is inevitable, small schedule adjustments such as delaying departure until after a Saturday morning swim meet can sometimes make a difference in a win/loss for the team.