H2O Exercise

Water Exercise Programming

Water Exercise Schedule at Saw Mill Club

Wet Workout Classes

Exercising in the water is one of the most effective programs for increasing cardio-vascular strength, muscle endurance and muscle flexibility. Any level athlete, novice to professional, can benefit from at least one water workout per week. Water by nature is very soothing and cathartic. Moreover, the unique training properties of water are wonderfully beneficial to almost everyone. Muscular strength is increased by using the resistance of the water and flexibility improves through weightless movement. Saw Mill Club’s certified staff conducts thirteen water exercise classes per week for members. You do not have to be a swimmer to participate. Please inform the instructor of pregnancy, back problems, and other medical conditions.

Come to tone, firm and stretch your muscles in the pool while building up cardiovascular endurance through resistance and aerobic exercises. Classes are choreographed to music and easy to follow. Try this unique aquatic experience for maximum results with minimal impact.

Aqua Stretch
A relaxing rhythmic stretch class choreographed to music. This class is designed to gently stretch muscles and allow joints to move through their full range of motion. Deep breathing and posture techniques will be taught. A great class for those just starting up an exercise program or the athlete that needs a cool stretch in the water.

Deep Water Workout
Enjoy the benefits of vigorous cardiovascular workout while avoiding the impact of land exercises. By using flotation belts, you can stimulate running, cross-country skiing and other activities that will be gentle to the joints and muscles. Exercising in the deep water is very useful for rehabilitating injuries and an innovative cross-training activity for athletes in all fields.

Aqua Jams at Saw Mill Club East

Take the therapeutic nature of water combined with the challenging resistance that it creates and 
you have the perfect workout. AQUA JAMS will challenge your muscular strength, endurance and 
balance while allowing full range of motion through your joints. There is no impact on your joints 
as you will not touch the bottom of the pool. AQUA JAMS are a vertical workout using floatation 
devices and you do not need to know how to swim to participate! Intensity levels will vary based on the degree of effort you exert creating the perfect workout for all fitness levels!