I Can Swim

SCAR I Can Swim

I Can Swim is a dynamic learn to swim program which promotes lifelong aquatic participation. Through the development of strong fundamental skills and endurance, I Can Swim inspires passion for aquatic sport. Developed with Swimming Canada, I Can Swim is the most effective learn-to-swim program in Canada. Our program’s content, methods and skilled teachers and coaches ensure children learn to swim faster, learn more skills, and learn more rapidly than in any other program.

I Can Swim focuses on developing overall physical literacy and basic fundamental movement skills for the sport of swimming through the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTAD). Physical Literacy is the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity, rhythmic (dance) and sport situations.
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SCAR ICS Program

Our SCAR ICS program delivers high-quality aquatic instruction at an affordable price. Thanks to our low teacher/student ratios, our highly trained & enthusiastic instructors are able provide customized, hands-on instruction for each student to help master skills faster. The SCAR ICS program consists of 3 levels of instruction.

  • Bronze (Stage 1) - Children swim twice a week, 30 minutes a lesson to develop the fundamentals of swimming.  Basics of all 4 strokes and competitive swimming skills (ie starts and turns)

  • Silver (Stage 2) - Children swim twice a week, 45 minutes a lesson and focus on basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming strokes, such as arm action, sculling and breathing

  • Gold (Stage 3) - Children swim twice a week, 60 minutes a lesson to improve all four strokes. Focuses on improving reaction/rhythm and increasing endurance, also covers more advanced starts and turns to prepare the swimmer for promotion to the SCAR competitive programs.

Our flexible class schedule and convenient pool locations makes the SCAR ICS program an easy alternative to expensive and/or overbooked "Learn to Swim" programs elsewhere in Toronto. Click here to contact us now if you need more information.

"I just wanted to share how very impressed I have been.  My daughter has made huge gains with Rachel (last spring and summer) and Jen (this year) - and she very much looks forward to the day when she can beat her mommy (I used to swim for U of G).  I really LOVE the SCAR ICS program!"