Swim Groups




Swim Kauai Aquatics (SKA) offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.  It is the goal of SKA to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

FEE packages: All team members must also be members for the YMCA.  Contact the Kauai YMCA for rates at (808) 246-9090 or click the information tab above.  The USA Swimming registration fee is $100.00 annually.  The YMCA is a great supporter of the Swim Kauai `ohana.

Please call Kathleen at (808) 652-1385 for more information, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information or to schedule a tryout.


 Our Senior Philosophy

Senior philosophy is all encompassing.  We have genuine respect for the academic endeavors of all our senior and age group athletes.  We thoroughly believe in correct "budgeting" of time to produce the all around person, not just a swimmer/athlete.  Having equal and proper time for academics, swimming, and social needs gives us the full person to work with.  The development of athletic skills is just a part of the person we want to coach and not the end game.  We want and desire athletes to have the proper life skills to go to task, complete it, and then move on to the next task presented.  Not only does this approach prepare the HS/college student,  but also prepares the adapted adult in an ever changing world.


SR Focus:

This training group is for the athlete who possesses the ability, focus, motivation, and dedication to truly be the best swimmer they can be.  Training will be at an elite level with a year long focus -- goal setting and fine tuning. Swimmers are required to attend all sessions both dry and water.  Nutrition along with an emphasis on advanced training techniques will be a major part of the program.  Meets will be determined by individual qualifications and coaches' decisions to travel as necessary.  Individual conferences with the head coach will be required and will be scheduled on a seasonal basis throughout the competitive season.  Membership to this group will be on an individual basis with coach, swimmer, and parent agreement to participate.

Membership dues $90 per month

Jr Focus:

This group is the entry into senior swimming or for the athlete who has other activities, and does not wish to make a full commitment at the senior level.  Dryland sessions are not required for this group nor is mandatory attendance.  Training emphasis is primarily aerobic with a stroke emphasis in the  early to mid racing season. Racing techniques along with speed work will be a priority directly following. Meets will be determined by individual qualifications and coaches' decisions to travel as necessary.  Individual conferences will be offered to each athlete with relationship to goals both team and individual.


+ Swim 1000 yards without stopping to include proficiency with flip turns

+ Swim a legal 200 IM and 200 yards of either butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke

+ A mature and positive attitude towards a conditioning concept                                 

Membership dues $80 per month

  Gold Group    
Gold Focus:

This is the top level of our age group program.  Gold is designed to prepare swimmers for the transition into our senior programs.  This group will be introduced to basic dryland conditioning workouts and relative stretching using personal body weight for added mobility and range of motion.  Practice attendance is not mandatory for this group but it is highly recommended.  Swimmers in this group should be able to complete up to a 500 yard freestyle and a 100 of the remaining strokes to include a 200 IM.  Swimmers in this group will also learn more advanced stroke technique and race strategy.  Meets will be determined by individual qualifications and coaches' decisions to travel as necessary.  Swimmers new to the program must be evaluated by the head coach prior to group placement.

At coaches' discretion, swimmers in this group may be invited to swim with Blue and Green Groups on an individual practice basis.  This will be an individual decision based on coach/athlete/parent agreement and understanding.


+ Swim 500 yards freestyle continuously to include proficiency with flip turns

+ Swim a legal 200 IM and 100 yards of either butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke

+ Demonstrate a willingness to train and compete in all strokes and distances

+ Demonstrate a consistent training regiment

+ Positive attitude

Membership dues $65 per month


  Silver Group     

Silver Focus:

Swimmers in this group have the opportunity to practice 5 x a week with additional clinics as scheduled on Saturdays.

Basic stretching/ dryland for increased flexibility and strength for an improved range of motion will be introduced. Swimmers in this group begin to learn advanced stroke technique, racing starts, turns and basic racing skills.  Swimmers will also be introduced to basic race strategy and challenge sets.  Practice attendance is not required for this group, but it is recommended that swimmers attend at least 3 of the 5 workouts offered along.  Swimmers will compete in local meets at the coaches' discretion.  Swimmers new to the program at this age level must be evaluated by a member of the coaching staff prior to enrollment.


+ Swim a continuous 200 yard freestyle with flip turns and streamlines

+ Swim a legal 100 IM

+ Demonstrate effective racing starts forward and backstroke

+ Perform all turns and push offs in a legal and streamline manner

+ Positive attitude

Membership dues $55 per month

   Bronze Group                                                                                               

Bronze Focus:

Emphasis will be to introduce the proper technique for all four competitive strokes through drills and game related activity.  Starts and turns will also be on the agenda for this group.  Basic swimming etiquette as circle swimming and learning how to read a pace clock will be taught.  Swimmers should attend at least 3 practice sessions a week.  Stroke Clinics will be offered as an additional practice session through out the year.


+ Swim 25 yards with face in water, with correct breathing

+ Able to swim 25 yards backstroke without turning over

+ Able to listen well, work well in groups and follow direction

+ Demonstrate a willingness to wear proper swim attire/cap/team suit and goggles

+ A positive attitude


Membership dues $45 per month                                                                   



High School Prep Course  (Seasonal)

This group is primarily for the HS swimmer who is looking to get in shape for the coming High School season.  This session starts late September and will be a 6 week aerobic and conditioning training group only.  This session will conclude prior to HS start.  There will be 4 workouts offered per week.  Dates TBD with the start of the HS season. This is not a lesson group, but a preconditioning focus for HS swimmers.



+ Swim 200 yards freestyle continuously to include proficiency with flip turns

+ Swim a legal 200 IM and 100 yards of either butterfly, backstroke, or breaststroke

+ Willingness to train and demonstrate consistent practice habits

+ Positive attitude


60.00 One month YMCA membership plus $________ course fee.