Code of Conduct

The Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club is committed to fair play in sport and in all its programs. Swimmers and parents are encouraged to read and follow the fair play codes as outlined below.  All swimmers, coaches, and chaperones are required to sign the Code of Conduct prior to their first swim practice.

Members of the Whitehorse Glacier Bears include swimmers, coaches, officials, parents and board members.  All members are ambassadors for swimming, the City of Whitehorse and the Yukon Territory. You gain many benefits from your participation in organized competitive swimming. Your participation brings with it some responsibilities. These responsibilities include the following:

  •     At all times be courteous and helpful to teammates, coaches, other swimmers, officials and the general public.

  •     Participate according to the rules and in the spirit of fair play.

  •     Adhere to any regulations that are established during competitions.  These might include curfews, nutritional guidelines and others designed for safety and to maximize the benefits or participation.  Members will be advised of regulations on a periodic basis.

  •     Participate in team activities and strive to build team spirit.

  •     Lead a positive alcohol, tobacco and drug free life style.  Regardless of age, tobacco and alcohol products are not allowed during any WGBSC event.

  •     Be aware that you may be subject to random drug tests without notice if you achieve certain levels within the sport.  Education programs will be provided at appropriate times.

  •     Be punctual at all times.

  •     Make restitution for any personal or property damage caused during WGBSC events.

  •     Remain at competitions for award presentations, banquets and other events unless previous arrangements have been made.

  •    Wear team uniforms when requested to do so.

Members unable to comply with these responsibilities may be subject to:

  •     Disciplinary action up to and including suspension from activities,

  •     Immediate return home at their own cost, and/or

  •     Removal from the Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club.

Parents of swimmers will:

Demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting themselves in a manner that earns the respect of their children, other swimmers, parents, officials and the coaches at meets, time trials and practices.

Please remember:

  •     Swimmers-Swim

  •     Coaches-Coach

  •     Officials-Officiate

  •     Parents-Parent