Fund Raising

In order to produce excellent swimmers, the Glacier Bears Swim Club must raise sufficient revenues to pay for use of the pool, quality coaching and other expenses.

Registration fees contribute only a portion of our finances.  This is supplemented by fund raising.  The swim club requires the commitment of all parents and swimmers to fundraising, in order to make our club successful!

The amount of money that needs to be raised by the club each year is determined by the Swim Club Board.  Many of our costs are fixed, such as coaching and pool rental.  Some costs fluctuate with the number of registrations received at the beginning of the session.  Our most important fund raising activity is bingo.  We rely on our volunteers to come through on their bingo commitment!

Other fundraising activities (e.g. swim-a-thon, raffles) may also be initiated during the year.

2012-2013 Bingo Schedule

Teddy Bears






Brown Bears



Black Bears



Polar Bears






Silver Tips



Silver Tips Plus



We run weekly bingos year-round and it is  that every swimming family work required bingos according to the group level in the table above.  In order to ensure an equal contribution to fund raising by all swimmers and parents, at the time of registration a parent/guardian will be authorizing the WGB club use of their credit card number to fulfill ANY volunteer commitments for the WGB season.  If a swimmer or parent fails to have someone work one or more of their required bingos, their credit card will be charged and $150 per bingo will be remitted to the club.  Fund raising obligations may be traded amongst parents and swimmers, but this must be worked out between the individuals in question.

The number of bingos required PER FAMILY will be capped at a maximum of 10 (extra bingos can be worked for credit).  Bingos must be divided evenly (as much as possible) amongst the four quarters of the calendar year, in order to be fair to all members.  Please think about training as a Caller or Banker, we could use the extra trained people. Callers and Bankers earn 1.5 credits, with training for these positions earning ½ the credits. When a Caller or Banker completes a Sunday session on their own, then their training credits will be applied to their account.  These extra credits ($) are good for registration for the next year or against travel costs for the present year.