This is one of the easiest ways to help the club out and get a front row seat to watch your child perform. As an official at any swim meet your swimmer is involved in, you can watch your swimmer compete, meet other parents and enjoy the competition. The Glacier Bears requests parents of ALL swimmers to become at least Level I certified by the Black Bear Level.  The club offers official’s clinics in Whitehorse at various times during the year. We hope you can attend these sessions. Your expertise/assistance with the time trials and swim meets that are run through the year will be very much appreciated – we can’t hold these local events without parent participation!

The following explains the five levels of officiating and how they are obtained:

Official Certification System

Level I – Red Pin

Participate in a Section approved training program which includes successful completion of the Clinics for Timekeeper, Marshal, and Safety Marshal (usually accomplished in 1 training session of about 1-1.5 hours).

Level II – White Pin

1. Be CERTIFIED in Level I (i.e. completed ONE (1) successful deck evaluation in each Level I position).

2. Successful completion of the clinics and TWO (2) successful on-deck evaluations in any TWO (2) of the positions listed below:

•     Recorder/Scorer (Desk Control)
•     Clerk of Course
•     Judge of Stroke/Inspector of Turns (counts as 1 position)
•     Chief Timekeeper
•     Meet Manager
•     Chief Finish Judge/Chief Judge Electronics (count as 1 position)
•     Starter

Level III – Orange Pin

1. Be CERTIFIED in Level II.

2. Successful completion of ALL the clinic positions listed under Level II.

3. Have TWO (2) successful on-deck evaluations in FOUR (4) additional positions listed under Level II, one of which must be Stroke and Turn/Head Lane Timekeeper.

4. Conduct ONE (1) Level I clinic under the direction of a Level IV or V official.

Level IV – Green Pin

To be completed in the order listed below:

1. Be certified in ALL Level II & III positions.

2. Successfully complete the REFEREE clinic.

3. Gain experience as a Referee at a minimum of TWO (2) meets.

4. Complete ONE (1) year of active service as a Level III official.

5. Have organized, conducted and/or supervised a minimum of TWO (2) Level II officials clinics within the year of application.

6. Notice of intent to be evaluated must be made prior to evaluation.

7. Complete a minimum of TWO (2) on-deck evaluations in the position of Referee.

Level V - Blue Pin

1. Complete a minimum of ONE (1) year experience as a certified Senior Official.

2. Have organized, conducted and/or supervised a minimum of TWO (2) officials clinics at Level II within the year of application.

3. Be evaluated TWO (2) times as a Referee or Starter.

4. Work a minimum of TWO (2) sessions at a National Meet at any position.

5. Provide a photocopy of completed signed-off officials card to the provincial Officials' Chairperson for review and approval.

6. If the provincial Officials' Chairperson is satisfied that the candidate has met all requirements, the candidate's name will then be presented for National Certification (Blue Pin) to the National Officials' Committee (NOC) Chairperson.

7. Once national certification is approved, a congratulatory letter and Master Official certification card will be sent to the candidate by the NOC Chairperson.

8. In order to remain an ACTIVE MASTER OFFICIAL in Canada, a Level V BLUE Pin official must work a minimum of FOUR (4) SESSIONS spread over a minimum of TWO (2) MEETS in any given swim year, and have participated in ONE (1) clinic.

* Master Officials who do not comply with #8 may apply for reinstatement to their provincial chair of officials, who may require certain senior level clinics be re- done.

*** CERTIFIED means that the clinic card shall be signed and dated by the Referee after working each of TWO (2) sessions in that position at an S/NC sanctioned competition.