Claim Forms
  • Expense_Claim_WGB_2014-15.doc (34K)

    Use this form to claim any expenses that you as a volunteer or coach have incurred for our swim club during the season. Please submit to our pool office or Sport Yukon mailbox at your earliest convenience with RECEIPTS attached.


Application must be submitted to club office before travel occurs. Eligible meets for Travel Assistance include all AA or AAA meets in 2014-15 season($200 maximum per swimmer); 2014 Xmas Cracker ($200); Dino Cup ($100); Kamloops Classic Spring meet ($200)


Use this form to pay for your swim fee, installments, physio training, and/or meet fee charges and/or WGB clothing purchases on deck. This form must be submitted to our pool office or Sport Yukon mailbox and is kept on file with our Admin. It is your responsibility to ensure that the credit card information is kept current. Submission of this form ensures your bingo & officiating deposits are covered (posted on your swim account as paid but not charged to your credit card until necessary).