Swim Groups

Is a Competitive swim team.


Entry ​(average age group 5-8 yo)

This is a developmental group introducing and focusing on stroke, start, turn techniques and aerobic development.  Entry swimmers practice three times a week.  Practices in this group use drills and a variety of equipment to improve stroke technique and self-awareness of core posture and balance, while keeping it fun and interesting.  As swimmers improve they are encouraged to attend team meets.  Swimmers are taught rules and terminology of competitive swimming. 

Entry Coach:

Workout Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday / 5:00 - 5:45 (45 min)


Novice (average age group 7-11 yo)

Swimmers in this group will continue to focus on all strokes, start and turn techniques with an increase in self-management and independence.  Novice athletes practice three days of the week. Drills and a variety of equipment will be used to comprise the practice of technique development, progressive aerobic development and improved balance and coordination.  Swimmers will be encouraged to attend team meets monthly.  Rules and terminology of competitive swimming are taught and competition skills are introduced.

Novice Coach:

Workout Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday / 5:45 – 7:00 (75 min)


Age Group (average age group 10-14 yo)

Athletes have a strong foundation in all four strokes and demonstrate self-management and independence. Age Group practices four to five days per week with a focus on maintaining good technique on low intensity intervals for all strokes and all events. Drills and various equipment will be used to maintain and refine stroke technique, balance and core posture, while increasing aerobic endurance. Age Group swimmers are encouraged to participate in other activities while understanding that the competitive swimmer should have an increase in attendance expectations.  Rules, terminology and competition skills are learned.

Age Group Coach:

Workout Days/Times: Monday – Thursday / 5:00 – 6:30 (90 min)


Senior (average age group 13-18 yo)

Athletes in this group will maintain and refine stroke, start and turn technique over increased distances.  Senior practice four times per week.  Athletes in this group are showing a high level of swimming technique and work-out ability with attention to detail.  They are expected to be mature, committed, responsible and dependable.  A greater focus will be on aerobic endurance with increased yardage, anaerobic work and speed, and training for specific stroke and distance. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all team meets.  Rules and terminology of competitive swimming are taught and race strategy skills and goal setting are utilized.

Seniors Coach:

Workout Days / Times: Monday – Thursday / 5:00 -7:00 (120 min)