Volunteer Desc.





Swim Team Parent Coordinators - (Sue Boehringer and Lisa Stalter) LBC Board level positions responsible for coordinating the swim team throughout the season Jan-July. Responsible for recruiting and hiring of coaching staff, managing ASA and planning the season.


Bullpen Manager (Jonathan Clay) - The bullpen manager takes care of the bullpen aprons; wash as needed, stock with sharpie, highlighter and copies of the current heat sheet (print after 3pm day of meet).  Gets updates at meet and keeps bullpen parents informed.  Manages behaviour and trash in bullpen area.  Brings trash bags and oversees clean up at the end of the meet.  Bullpen manager has discretion over setting up age group areas, and oversees final calls for swimmers.  Bullpen manager arrives before the start of the meet to make sure that things are set up properly and to start getting swimmers lined up for relays.


Computer Operations Managers - (Todd Stuckey & Chris Henning). Arrive at 4:30 pm to set up computer ops: timer, timing equipment, printers, computers, monitors, etc.  (home meets only). Responsible for entering times and judges finish order for each heat using the Hy-Tek system


Volunteer Manager (Gabriela Probst) - responsible for finding volunteers for each meet.  Determine the volunteer positions needed at each meet, update volunteer descriptions in Team Unify, create & maintain Team Unify volunteer sign up page for each meet, provide check in sheet for meets, update records to ensure families receive credit for their volunteer hours. 


Clerk of Course (Dany Berry) - Responsible for the final check of the swimmers behind the blocks using the final heat sheet. You will be trained at the practice and first home meets.   There are extra volunteer points for these positions.


Ribbon Clerk (Ginger Vento) Starting around 7 p.m., obtain labels from computer time entry person and begin pulling ribbons for our team.   Affix the labels to the ribbons and sort by age group for distribution at swim practice the following morning.   


Concessions Manager (Todd Stalter)- responsible for concession stand management at all home meets.   No concessions positions at away meets.


Donuts & Drinks Distribution (Tanya Holland) - on the Wednesday following the meet - Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:30 a.m.  Responsible for obtaining information from the Friday Events Manager (Tanya Holland)  prior to your workday. Cups and napkins should be already at the pool for your use.   Set up the donuts and drinks so they are ready for the kids as they finish their practice sessions.  Clean up the area when finished. 


Friday Special Event Manager (Tanya Holland) - Responsible for overseeing donuts/drinks for mini meet Fridays as well as spirit events on other Fridays during the season.  


Home Meet Set Up (Greg Hartman) - help post signs, set up equipment for meet (timing equipment, computer system), prepare pool deck (move chairs and tables), setting up parking lot and reserved space for judge and other duties needed to prepare the pool for the home swim meet.  Once the pool has been set-up, volunteer will go to the parking lot and guide traffic.  

End of Season Banquet (Robin Brosnan) - responsible for planning the end of season banquet celebration. This includes identifying and coordinating catering, ordering trophies and setup/cleanup. 


Bullpen Parents (Age Groups) - responsible for gathering their age group swimmers and taking them to the appropriate line up spot as their group is called by the Bullpen Lead.   Bullpen parents should wear the apron provided at volunteer check in to help identify their bullpen group.  Get to know the kids in your age group, tell the kids to stay in the bullpen area.  When Bullpen Lead calls your group, verify you have all the swimmers in your group, line them up and lead them to the swim staging area where the Bullpen Lead will double check everyone is ready for the swimming event.  


Bullpen parent volunteers are needed for the following age groups:

U6 Boys

U6 Girls

U8 Boys

U8 Girls

U10 Boys

U10 Girls

U12 Boys and girls


Check In Swimmers & Volunteers - responsible for arriving to the meet early and checking in swimmers and volunteers as they arrive.  The check in sheets will be provided to the volunteer by the Volunteer Coordinator.  Once check in is completed, the swimmer check-in sheets are given to the Clerk of Course and the volunteer check in sheets are given to the Volunteer Coordinator (Gabriela Probst).  


Computer OPs Time Keeper: Responsible for writing down times as they come in, and calling out to Computer OPs team for comparison with the computer.


Computer OPs Runner: Responsible for picking up forms from judges and delivering to Computer OPs team


Concessions Set Up - responsible for assisting with concession stand set up on the morning of the meet.  (2 volunteers)


Concessions Pasta Salad Prep  - One day before the meet, prepare large restaurant size pan of pasta salad per LBC recipe of home meet.  Generally LBC needs 2 large pans of pasta salad for each home meet.  The recipe will be provided.  The volunteers will need to purchase ingredients and prepare the salad.  You will be reimbursed for the ingredients purchased.  (2 volunteers)


Concessions Baked Goods - there are a number of spots available to MAKE and bring rice crispy treats, brownies, cookies.  See each week's sign up for baked goods required (multiple volunteers).  Please, no store-bought; homemade only.


Concessions Watermelon Prep - responsible for cutting watermelon slices for concessions in advance of the meet so it will be chilled and ready to serve.    Volunteer will need to purchase 1 large watermelon and will be reimbursed. (1 volunteer)


Concessions Ice - responsible for bringing 8 - 20 pound bags of ice to concessions before the meet then checking with Concessions Lead Coordinator at 7 p.m. to see if more ice is needed (and going to get more if necessary).  You will be reimbursed.


Concession Stand Help -  Two shifts of 2 people each to help take orders, serve orders, take money, etc as needed in concession stand (4 total)


Concessions Tear Down & Inventory - after meet help clean up and break down the concession stand area.  Also help inventory remaining items with Concessions Lead Coordinator. (2 volunteers)


Drinks Runner - responsible for checking with coaches, timers, and officials during meets to make sure they have water. Please bring 3 dozen chilled waters to the meet.


Event Pole (Home meets only) - flip the event number cards on the event pole so swimmers, officials and the audience will know which event/heat is in the water.


Finish Judge - responsible for determining the finish order of each heat.  There is one finish judge per team.  Compare results with the other team and if in agreement, the finish order decision is reported to the Finish Judge Recorder.   In the event of a dispute, the Starter will resolve conflicts and ties (if able to see the race).


Finish Judge Recorder (Home meets only) - Receives UK Finish Judge Form from Clerk of Course and records reported finish order per the Finish Judges.


Home Meet Clean Up - help clean up the pool deck, move chairs and tables back into their normal position, take trash, and other duties needed to clean up and prepare the pool for normal operation the following day. 


Friday Special Events volunteers - responsible for helping with whatever Friday plans are scheduled, in varying capacities throughout the season


Volunteer at Practice Wednesday morning - This position needs to be at LBC at 8:30 a.m on Wednesday to pull ribbons, affix labels, then sort for distribution to swimmers at practice.  


Starter (Home meets only) - Responsible for keeping the meet moving and ensuring that the clocks are reset after every heat. In a practice meet, the LBC Starter does the announcing of the event/heat, but in a Dual Meet the official will do the announcing of the next event/heat. As the starter, you will not be able to leave your post for any reason.


Home Meet Set Up Assistants - help post signs, set up equipment for meet (timing equipment, computer system), prepare pool deck (move chairs and tables), setting up parking lot and reserved space for judge and other duties needed to prepare the pool for the home swim meet.  Once the pool has been set-up, volunteer will go to the parking lot and guide traffic.  


Timers - responsible for timing swimmers in their lanes for all events/heats.  The timers record the finish times on the Timer’s Form.