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The Comox Valley Aquatic Club offers  programs to meet the needs of swimmers of all ages and all abilities.  Our programs are divided into four groups: Shark School, Sharks, Shark Fit and Masters.  They are designed to be fun, instructive and focus on the stroke and skill development necessary to help swimmers to achieve their potential in the sport of competitive swimming.

Shark School

Shark School is an introduction to the sport of competitive swimming.   Our  Shark School Program is ideal for younger children ages 7 and up who can swim at least 25 meters. We offer training of the basic swimming stokes in a fun and encouraging environment.  Swimmers train 45-60 min two days a week and compete in locally sanctioned and "in house meets".

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Shark's Program

This program is designed to allow swimmers of all ages (usually 9 and up) to work on the development of  their skills in all strokes so that they can pursue their goals of personal development and stroke improvement in the sport of competitive swimming. Swimmers are encouraged to work on improvement of their personal best times and compete in coaching recommended meets throughout the season to hone their skills. This is a great time of team building, personal growth and increased confidence for the kids as they watch themselves improve and succeed at their goals in and out of the pool.

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Shark Fit Program

If you are aged 13-17 and wanting to keep your swimming fitness level up in a fun and enjoyable environment and receive some technical coaching at the same time then our Shark Fit Program might be for you.  Former competitive swimmers, those taking a "break", and tri-athletes will find a place here.  Why not give us a call and see what how we can help you keep in shape this year.

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The Comox Valley Aquatic Club was founded in 2007 and is coached by the Club's Head Coach.  Whether you are just starting out, returning from a long "hiatus" in swimming or are an triathlete wanting to improve in the pool we encourage you to give us call and get in the pool!  Our Masters Club hosts one of the most popular island region sanctioned competitions around.

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