Judge/Ref info

For those of you who are interested in judging, here you'll find several tutorial options that are plenty to get you started.  If you're interested, spend some time at home looking at just one or all of these links. Then let us know and we'll put you in a B meet to start getting comfortable with judging.  Also, we strongly encourage you to attend a judges clinic, 2016 dates are listed on the first submenu selection under the Judge/Ref Info Tab.

Look at the submenu selections under this Tab for YouTube links to judging tutorials. 

The 3rd drop-down option -- Judging Intro -- links to USA Diving's intro tutorial.

The 4th drop-down option -- Gwinnett Dive Videos -- takes you to this club's YouTube postings of additional USA Diving Judging Exercises. Do a YouTube search of Gwinnet Dive, and you'll find additional judging exercise videos that they've posted.

The 5th drop-down option -- CCSAKC Dive Judging -- takes you to another club's YouTube postings.  They also have separate videos posted in different parts.  So again, a YouTube search of CCSAKC will get you to those others.