Code of Conduct

St. Louis Tsunami Swimming Code of Conduct and Basic Responsibilities


The purpose of this conduct policy is to insure that every swimmer is provided an environment that allows them the opportunity to reach their individual goals.  A swimmer’s conduct at practices and swim meets should support every other swimmer’s ability to learn and the coach’s ability to teach other swimmers.  Each swimmer should be committed to striving for their own goals and for the good of the team. It is equally important each parent support their swimmer(s) in an appropriate manner and also support the coaches in their efforts to coach and lead the team.

Please click below to view each Code of Conduct. Each swimmer and every parent are required to print, sign, and return the Code of Conduct to the Head Coach prior to the first practice of the season.

Swimmer's Code of Conduct

Printable PDF for Signature - Swimmer

Parent's Code of Conduct

Printable PDF for Signature - Parent

Coach's Code of Conduct