2021 Q&A

DDD 2021 Q&A

Several question themes have come up during the registration process. We will attempt to answer them in this document and update as the season progresses. This document will be available on our website throughout the summer. The goal is to let kids swim; the rest is just details.

What are the COVID guidelines?

  • Masks will be worn by swimmers and coaches at all times when not in the water.
  • Swimmers will enter and exit the pool deck at assigned practice times through marked gates. 
  • Swimmers will be limited to 4 per lane.
  • Parents and siblings are not allowed on deck during practices. Chairs and congregating just outside the pool deck is not permitted. Parents and siblings are expected to social distance in the parking lots if they chose to stay on campus while waiting. We assume the track will be open. 
  • Coaches will take roll at each practice for contact tracing purposes.

Where do these rules come from and what if my family isn’t comfortable with them?

The California Department of Public Health has been addressing youth sports COVID guidelines since last summer. The latest update was released on February 19, 2021 and can be found here: (https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/outdoor-indoor-recreational-sports.aspx) Additionally, the California Interscholastic Federation filters the CDPH guidelines and creates specific instruction for every high school sport. Our local high schools have been successful implementing and adhering to the necessary protocols. 

The point here is that DDD is not creating swim team guidelines this season. With the sole motivation of having a season that allows kids to swim, we are obliged to follow the lead of the high school and year-round swim teams. Furthermore, because we practice at EDUHS District pools, we are compelled to meet the masking and social distancing standards that high school sports have established. We have no interest in jeopardizing our pool use and will therefore work closely with school authorities to understand and adhere to their practices. 

Our team is in a unique county that houses residents who feel the guidelines are insufficient and those who oppose social distance practices. Wherever your family falls in that spectrum, we ask that you respect what we are trying to accomplish this season without penalty: let the kids swim. We would like to focus our energy this year on preserving as many Dolphin experiences as possible and not function as mask police. 

When will the practice schedule be out?

We expect the schedule to be available mid-March, after registration numbers have stabilized. 

What is a virtual meet?

This will undoubtably be one of the biggest culture shocks for our team. The likelihood of having a meet with 500+ people in one space this summer is dim. We are working with the other teams in our league to plan for virtual meets so that we can still compete for times. There are a lot of details to still work through. We will have scheduled times for swimmers to come to UMHS and race against their age group peers. The pool deck will have one stroke and turn judge, one starter, one announcer, one computer person, one timer per lane, and coaches to cheer the swimmers on. Head Coach Alan will coordinate with the other team and determine the race results electronically. Ribbons will be printed and distributed, but we don’t know exactly how just yet. 

We know you likely still have questions about how this will play out for your family.  We do too. Head Coach Alan will distribute very clear virtual meet instructions in plenty of time before our first meet.  

How do I get my volunteer hours?

We will absolutely still need every parent to pitch in this year. The work load at a virtual meet is decidedly less, but volunteers will still be necessary. We promise to continue to communicate our needs and expectations about volunteer requirements as the season unfolds. 

To reiterate, our goals this season are simple. We want our kids in the water again to swim. We want to do everything we can to preserve our Dolphin culture. We know that with the support of our amazing families we can make this year a redemptive and fun season!