PDST recognizes the invaluable support of our swim team parents to the success of our swimmers. The team will count on strong support of our parents through volunteering work for the team and for our swimmers. No swim team can run well without the support from the parents of the swimmers. PDST Booster Club is established to support our swimmers, the team and to advance the sport of swimming in the community. The booster club is run by our parents.

The mission of PDST Booster Club is to provide a positive and safe environment for all swimmers at PDST to develop their full potential as an athlete and as a person, and to advance swimming as a lifetime sport in the community by working with Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS) and US Swimming through its parent volunteer work, community out-reach and other fund raising activities

The Booster Club is an IRS recognized non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated in supporting of our swimmers and promote swimming in the community.

Please send an eamil to PDBC at [email protected] if you are willing to serve on the PDBC Board.