Swim Lessons

The YMCA Swim Lessons Program develops water skills and confidence. Learning to swim provides valuable aquatic survival skills to community members and helps to promote positive values. During all swim lessons, participants and instructors find opportunities to learn and demonstrate the YMCA core values (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith).  Classes offered for ages 6 months through adult!

"When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need complexion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life." - Greg Anderson

Parent/Child Swim Lessons (6 - 36 months)
Parent and Child Swim Lessons offer a positive and fun environment to foster the parent/child relationship through water exploration. You will also meet other parents, expose your child to others her/his age and help teach them basic water safety skills. Classes are taught by enthusiastic, caring instructors and emphasize making the child feel comfortable in the water. Class ratios are one instructor to eight parent/child pairs.







Child can control the head and sit with support from the hands.



Child can sit without hand support and stand with support from the hands.



Child can move independently in the water with a flotation device and is comfortable working with
instructor in the water without accompanying parent.


Preschool Swim Lessons (3 - 5 years)
In addition to teaching water safety, our Preschool Swim Lessons cultivate self-esteem, encourage character development and offer long-term fitness benefits. Instructor to participant ratio is 1:5.






Children adjust to the water and develop independent movement. Teaching basic stroke and kicking skills, floating, pool safety and holding their face in the water


This class is for children who are comfortable in the water and able to swim 5 feet with face in the water and no flotation device. Children are taught to float, kick, dive and perform progression arm movements across the pool.


This class is for children who can swim 15 feet with their face in the water. It reviews and improves stroke skills on front, back and side, builds endurance, teaches treading water and progression diving skills.


This class is for children who can swim 20 feet on their front, back and side with without a flotation device. This advanced level refines crawl and backstroke.


Youth Swim Lessons (6 - 12 years)
Youth Swim Lessons consist of instruction based on the National YMCA Program. Stroke development, personal safety, water sports, rescue and personal growth are included.






Little to no water experience necessary. Basic water skills are taught including gliding with face in water, floating and kicking

(Advanced Beginner)

This class is for children able swim 25 yards without flotation. Instructor teaches swimming on front, side, back and rhythmic breathing.


This class is for children able to swim 25 yards on front and back without flotation device. Front crawl with rotary breathing, backstroke, sidestroke and beginning breaststroke is taught.


This class is for children able to swim 50 yards front crawl with rotary breathing, back crawl, sidestroke and rudimentary breaststroke. Students refine strokes, learn butterfly, and open turns.

Flying Fish

This class is for children able to swim 100 yards front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, elementary back stroke, sidestroke and 15 yards of butterfly. We will improve breaststroke, butterfly and teach water rescue and endurance.

(Beginning Leadership Level)

This class is for children able to swim 200 yards of front and back crawl, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and 25 yards of butterfly. Instructors teach the Individual Medley, starts, turns and improve endurance.

(Directors Permission only)

This class is for children able to swim 200 yards of front, back, breast, 25 yards of butterfly and 50 yards of over arm sidestroke. Improves stroke mechanics. Adds components of volunteering in aquatics, instructing others in swim lessons, water rescue and junior lifeguard skills.


Teen (13-17 years) & Adult (18+ years) Classes
It's never too late to learn! All classes are based on three basic levels of ability from absolute beginner all the way to stroke refinement and improvement. Class ratios are kept low to maximize your experience and achieve personal goals.




Little to no prior instruction. Participants are unfamiliar and may be slightly to very uncomfortable in and around the water.


Swimmer is comfortable in the water. Is able to swim 15-20 feet of a rudimentary stroke. Class focuses on stroke development, stroke variation and endurance.


Swimmer is capable of swimming at least 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Class focuses on stroke refinement, conditioning and endurance.