Fall Swim




Two Sessions Available with Three and Five Day Per Week Options 



Blackhawk is proud to once again partner with the Walnut Creek Aquabears and their USA year-round swimming program for the 2019 Fall season. This program is designed to expose swimmers to advanced swim racing experience, and as such, focus on more extensive training and technical instruction.  The Fall Swimming Program is run by Blackhawk Country Club and led by Aquatics Director Sean Quackenbush.  

Swimmers will be grouped together by age and within each practice. Swimmers may be further divided into groups based on ability in order to ensure that each swimmer is receiving the specific training and instruction appropriate for their skill level and experience.  NEW FOR 2019:  Two sessions will be offered.  Please see details below in "Session Details".

  • Ages 6 & Under 

This group is designed for those swimmers who are 6 and under and are still relatively new to competitive swimming. This group will focus on mastering stroke techniques for all strokes and learning the basics of practice - streamlines, learning to use the pace clock, and starts.  Mini HOX fro the prior season would need to be evaluated prior to registering for this program.

  • Ages 7 through 10

The 7-10 group will be for those more advanced 7-8 and 9-10 swimmers who are ready for more advanced stroke and turn technique and are also able to handle a moderate level of training. Swimmers in this group will build their endurance to take on events 50 yards and up and will focus on IM training to master all 4 strokes. Swimmers in this group will be broken up into groups based on ability and training will be tailored to fit the capabilities of each group.

  • Ages 11 & Up

Our most advanced group will be for all of our swimmers 11 and up. This group will focus on the most technical stroke and turn coaching and a heavier training load to help increase the swimmers' endurance and prepare them to swim events 50 yards, 100 yards and up. The training will include an IM focus and will teach both training and racing techniques. Swimmers in this group will be split into groups based on ability in order to maximize the effectiveness of their training. We recognize that some swimmers may have other commitments throughout the fall, however, we encourage swimmers in this age group to attend as many practices as they can in order to get the most out of this competitive swim program.



  • Step 1:  BHCC Membership Requirement

Fall Swim is only open to those with a valid Blackhawk Country Club membership of Swim/Fitness or above.  If you do not have a current BHCC membership number DO NOT register.  Instead, please email Nikki Ericksen or contact by phone at 925-736-6503 for membership information.  Once you have a valid BHCC membership number, you may proceed with registration.  Membership must be in good standing for the duration of the program.

  • 15-18 year olds:  BHCC Membership is not required.  Instead, please enter 15-18 as your member number during the registration process.
  • Current BHCC members:  Your registration fee will be charged to your membership and will appear on your Blackhawk Country Club statement.
  • Step 2:  Swim Team Ready & Requirements

To be "Swim Team Ready" your child must be able to swim unassisted for 25 yards of at least one competitive stroke (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke or Butterfly) as determined by Aquatics Director Sean Quackenbush.  All new swimmers to Blackhawk:  If your swimmer has not been on the HOX summer swim team, please do not proceed with registration (this includes Mini HOX from the prior season).  Instead, please contact Aquatics Director, Sean Quackenbush for a mandatory evaluation.  

  • Step 3:  Register On Line (TeamUnify)  

If the above two criteria are met, you pay proceed to registration.  Please note:  All HOX summer TeamUnify (TU) accounts are deactivated at the end of the summer session.  Please do not log in to your TU account to begin registration.  You will be prompted to put in your email and password during the process.

IMPORTANT:  If you choose to proceed to registration and your child is not swim team ready or you are new to the Blackhawk Swim Team and did not contact Sean, your registration fees will not be refunded should you cancel.



  • Session I (NOW CLOSED)
6 & Under Aug 28 - Oct 25**

3 Days/Week - $335

5 Days/Week - $390

7 - 10

Aug 28  - Nov 22

3 Days/Week - $435

5 Days/Week - $465

11 & Up Aug 28 - Nov 22

3 Days/Week - $485

5 Days/Week - $515

*5-day and 3-day per week options are available with flexible days.  No carry over or banking of missed days from prior weeks.  ** Please Note:  6 & Under program ends Friday, October 25th.  Late Registration Fees: Regular registration closes September 7th.  If you register after September 7th there will be a $50.00 fee added to your bill.  No registrations will be accepted after September 14th.

CLICK HERE (NOW CLOSED) - To Register for Session 1.  Remember:  Do not log in to begin the registration. You will be prompted to put in your email and password during the process.


  • Session II  20 spaces only (NOW CLOSED)
7 - 10 Nov 25 - Dec 20

5 Days/Week - $175

11 & Up Nov 25 - Dec 20

5 Days/Week - $210

Late Registration Fee:  Registration closes November 1st. All registrations must be pre-approved by Aquatics Director, Sean Quackenbush prior to registering. To inquire about Session 2 please email Aquatics Director, Sean Quackenbush.  Space is extremely limited (20 spaces only). 

Remember, do not log in to Team Unify (TU) to begin the registration. You will be prompted to put in your email and password during the process.



For practice times, please visit the practice tab under fall swim, or CLICK HERE



Meets are very important for evaluating improvement and providing motivation. Although each meet is optional, swimmers should compete at as many of the scheduled meets as possible.  Fall Swim Meets are different from Summer Rec Meets in a few ways:

  1. To participate in fall swim meets:  You must register with USA Swim (see directions below).
  2. You must register for every swim meet you will attend and you must choose your own events. Your swimmer will have access to many events he or she does not have in summer rec swim.
  3. When our team attends meets we must provide timers.  We require each attending family to volunteer for one timing shift - usually 1.5 to 2 hours.

How to Register for USA Swim

To register with USA Swim, you must be affiliated with a USA Swim Team. The Blackhawk Swim Team partners with the Walnut Creek Aquabears (WCAB) for Fall Swim Meets. This is the team you will enter as your team when you register for USA Swim.

To register with USA swim, go to Membership forms will be available in late August or early September. Once membership registration is open, complete the registration form and submit this along with your payment to the address on the form.

If you are new to the fall swim meet entry process, please see the link below to familiarize yourself with registering for fall swim meets:  If you do not yet have a swimmer ID from Pacific Swimming (because your 2019-2020 USA Fall Swim Registration is in process) you should still be able to register for the meet by indicating that your ID is pending.

You must be a registered Fall swim team member in order to practice with the team; there are no exceptions. 

2019 Fall Meet Schedule