Groups & FAQ's

GROUP 1 is like a "Learn to Swim" group for swim team swimmers.  Our main focus in this group is teaching the basics of Freestyle and Backstroke and is meant for children who can swim on their own a little bit but do not know the fundamentals of strokes.  If they can swim on their own a distance of about 5 yards in any way then are perfect for this group.  Think swim lesson in a swim team practice format!  Average ages for this group are 4.5-6 years old.  

GROUP 2 starts where group 1 leaves off.  We delve a little deeper into Free and Back, and we also introduce the basics of Breaststroke and Butterfly.  Some examples of what this group does are perfecting side breathing in Free, perfecting streamlining and body position in Back, and learning the legal kicks and arm movements for Breast and Fly.  We also teach how to do a proper dive, flip turns, and streamlining off the wall.  Average ages in this group are between 7-9 years old and the swimmer would need to be able to make it a full 25 yards without assistance or touching a lane rope.  

GROUP 3 continues to focus on technique but also begins to introduce things like speed, interval training, and a much more in-depth focus on starts and turns.  A typical practice would include half drills to work on stroke mechanics and half actual swim sets, giving the swimmer the ability to continue to learn and fine-tune their strokes while building their endurance to be able to do them over longer distances.  We also do a lot of work with fins in this group.  Average ages are 10-12 years old.  

GROUP 4 is our main training group and is for the competitive swimmer, but that doesn't mean we lose all focus on technique.  We stay focused on stroke perfection and body awareness and we do a lot of drills and filming to make sure the swimmers do not lose their proper form or pick up bad habits as their training intensifies.  We do a lot of work with the underwater camera in this group and we also discuss proper nutrition regularly and we pick up the dryland training.  Starts and turns are perfected right off the bat and we continuously work on them throughout the season.  Average ages for this group are 12-18 years old.  


1.  Swimmers will need fins, kickboard, pull bouy, and paddles to bring with them 

2.  In addition to regular pool equipment, be sure your children are bringing a mat and tennis shoes to practices.  We will be doing drylands on the pool deck, and this will help them tremendously!  





-Group 1 (7&unders):         $165/monthly optional, $180/monthly installments

-Group 2 (8-10 yr olds):      $185/monthly optional, $200/monthly installments

-Group 3 (11-12 yr olds):    $220/monthly, 9 installments Aug-April (May-July free)

-Group 4 (13&ups):            $250/monthly, 9 installments Aug-April (May-July free)



Groups 1 and 2 have the option of doing either month-to-month (Monthly Optional) or you can also choose the installment plan (Monthly Installments) which get you the summer for free!  The installment plan has 9 payments from Aug-April.  

IF YOU CHOOSE TO PAY FOR THE SEASON IN FULL, YOU WILL RECEIVE A 5% DISCOUNT.  Families with multiple children also receive a $10 discount for their 2nd child per month, $20 for their 3rd child, etc.  


We will not be able to offer refunds throughout the year.  We as a team have contractual obligations with our facilities year-round and we do our planning at the beginning of the season.  Thank you for understanding!