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Covid Policies

Covid-19 Team Procedures

Practice Policies
-Athletes will arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to practice and wait in the parking lot to be called into the pool by a coach
-Swimmers will queue while maintaining at least 6ft between other swimmers.  They must wear masks from the moment they leave their vehicle and have their suits on, as locker rooms will not be available
-Swimmers will have their temperature taken and a coach will run through the Covid-19 symptom checklist.  If the swimmer has a temperature of 100.0 or greater or has had any symptoms, they will not be permitted into the pool area and will be asked to leave.
-Swimmers will then move to their assigned lanes and strip off street clothes, put on caps, and prepare swimming equipment.  They must keep their masks on and maintain 6ft between each other.
-As the lanes at WCC and College Park are both 7ft wide, SWSF will maintain distancing during practice as follows: there will be a swimmer on the wall on each end of each lane and they must be positioned all the way to the right side of the lane.  3rd and 4th swimmers in a lane will position themselves under the backstroke flags on the left side of the lane.  5th and 6th swimmers can be positioned at the 15m marker on the lane line (yellow mark) on the left side of the lane.  Swimmers will circle swim.  
-During dryland, swimmers will exit their lanes one at a time and move to their assigned spaces (each are at least 8ft apart) and will stay in their assigned spot unless directed otherwise.
-At the conclusion of practice, swimmers will immediately put their masks back on, gather their equipment, and exit the facility, all while maintaining at least 6ft of distancing.

Vacation/Travel Policy Regarding Self-Isolation
While it is impossible to stop travel to vacation destinations that are Covid hotspots, there are reasonable steps we must take to protect as many team members and families as possible.  Schools and school sports are shutting down left and right. So, for the Sailfish to be able to continue operations safely, The Board has determined the following policy regarding families traveling to areas that are deemed virus hotspot.

      THROUGH Wednesday 8/12, we STRONGLY recommend, in accordance with KY DPH's travel advisory, and the Clark County Health Department, that any family traveling to a state or area reporting a Covid-testing positivity rate of greater than 15% (, used by KY) self-isolate for 14 days before returning to team activities.  While these locations can and will change over time, at present (7/28) they include Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, and Mississippi.  Please use your honest good judgement and take steps to protect our team!

     FROM THURSDAY 8/13 THROUGH THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE, in accordance with KY DPH's travel advisory, and the Clark County Health Department, that any family traveling to a state or area reporting a Covid-testing positivity rate of greater than 15% (, used by KY) must self-isolate for 14 days before returning to team activities.  Athletes from traveling families will not be permitted to participated in team activities until their self-isolation is completed.  If schools do not think it is safe to operate fully in person, then this is a step we MUST take to protect our swimmer and keep them in the water. 

Please be honest and responsible with your decisions for the next several week.  If it wasn't clear before, individual decisions will have an effect on many within our community.  A single positive case for a Sailfish will likely shut our whole team down.