Swim Groups


BRONZE – Here, swimmers 10 and under will not only be learning the main components of competitive swimming during very instructional and hands-on practices, but also utilizing these skills at USS Meets geared towards their age group.

SILVER – This group is for swimmers between the ages of 7 and 12 who have been swimming for one year or more and have built up a stronger skill base as well as stamina and conditioning at practices. Though the main focus will still be on proper technique and stroke efficiency, this group will have daily practice sets that are geared towards showing the swimmers the relationship between working hard in practice and swimming fast at meets.

GOLD – In this group, swimmers 9 and over will begin their preparation for age-group training and competitions. As swimmers here are still quite young, constant stroke and technique reinforcement along with strength and conditioning practice sets will be the daily routine. Throughout the season, this group will also be establishing practices goals which will inevitably lead to higher competitive achievements.

JUNIOR – Here,  11 - 18 years old swimmers will build upon their training and goal setting to truly focus on competing within their respective age brackets. Both endurance sets and interval training will increase as dry-land exercises also intensify. As the season progresses, swimmers will work with their coaches as well as the others in the group to foster an attitude and atmosphere geared towards the achievement of excellence. Swimmers here must average between four and five practices per week.

SENIOR  – As the oldest swimmers in the Middies Program, Senior swimmers have a high degree of commitment to practices as well as competitions. They are college bound students/swimmer/athletes. Daily training will call for more focus and intensity in order to master tougher intervals and longer endurance sets. These practice sessions, coupled with strength building dry-land exercises, will assist in the continual progression towards optimal race results at select meets. Senior  swimmers must attend twenty four (24) practices per month.