Core Values/Q&A

Q.)  What Are Bison Aquatic Club's Core Values?

A.)  Over a period of several weeks, we dedicated time to discussion and let our athletes determine what would become the core values of our club.  These young athletes discussed what they wanted THEIR team to be about.  What they wanted to display to others, what was important to them and how they wanted THEIR team to be seen.  Below are the terms and descriptions this great group of young athletes came up with.

FAITH:  We believe the most important thing that will guide our decisions and our direction as a team is our faith in God.  He is the foundation of who we are and the cornerstone of the other core values we've laid out.

AMBASSADOR:  Our athletes and coaches alike recognize that we are ambassadors and everything we do reflects on many factors other than the situation at hand.  Whether it's the effort we compete with, sportsmanship we display, behavior at an event or facility or the way we interact with and treat others.  We represent not only ourselves but God, our families, our team, the sport of swimming and many others that associate with us.

EFFORT:  We will hold effort in high regard.  A good finish with less than full effort is not a completed task.  100% effort is our goal in training, competitions and all that we do, regardless of outcome and what the clock or placings say at the end of a race.

ATTITUDE:  We will face each day and each situation with a good attitude.  Great things can happen in seemingly dismal circumstances when we enter with a good attitude.  A good attitude also helps encourage others around us and allows us to be good ambassadors for the things we represent.

ENCOURAGING:  We will not only seek to be our best, but will make it our mission to help others around us become the best they can be through helping and encouraging them through whatever obstacles they may be facing.

HONESTY:  We will be honest with ourselves in our training in order to get the most out of it.  We will also be honest with each other and all we come in contact with in order to be a great ambassador for the things we represent.

RESPECT:  We will show respect to God, ourselves, our parents and family members, our teammates, officials and our opponents.  Regardless of how we feel someone treats us, we will be known for being respectful.

OPTIMISM:  Regardless of what obstacles we may face as a team or as individuals.  Through our faith in God and encouragement of our teammates, we'll rely on God and allow him to do great things through us.  We also believe that by following the other core values we've laid out, we'll accomplish our goals along with things greater than we could ever ask, think or imagine.

Q.)  What Are the Bison Training Days/Times?

A.)  We offer swim training to all ages and levels each weekday.  Our partner CrossfitOKC provides dryland strength and conditioning training each day as well to our athletes 13yrs and older who've completed the On Ramp introductory course.  To learn more about our training offerings and schedule in your area, you can email us via our contact page and a coach will get in touch with you.

Q.)  Where Does Bison Train?

A.)  Bison has three training locations.  

Edmond, OK Duncan, OK Lawton, OK Altus,  OK
Edmond Schools Aquatic Center
2912 Marilyn Williams Dr.
Edmond, OK 73003
Simmons Center
798 Chisholm Trail Pkwy.
Duncan, OK 73533 
Lawton YMCA
5 SW 5th st.
Lawton, OK 73501

Linda Wigginton Center
121 N. Park Ln  Altus, OK 73521



Q.)  What Is a Typical Training Session Practice Like?

A.)  Typical Bison Practices are really, anything but typical.  It is commonplace for our swimmers to swim with weight belts, pulling weight from the side of the pool, and pushing themselves to the limits.  Though there are times when all of our swimmers will do the same workout, most days will see our swimmers performing different workouts based on their skill level and, for our older swimmers, even based on their specialty stroke and distance.  It is not unusual for us to have each swimmer working on different things at the same time with instruction tailored to fit each individual athlete.

As swimmers mature, their body type, skill level and appreciation for certain distances and stroke types will direct a more specialized approach.  For instance, a distance swimmer may swim longer paced sets in practice while a sprinter may swim shorter lengths with longer breaks in between.  We wouldn’t train a track athlete who specializes in the 100m dash by jogging a 10k every day and throwing a javelin.  Likewise, there comes a time in a swimmer’s career when a suited distance or stroke is evident for a particular athlete.  Training for each athlete will adjust accordingly.

One thing is certain for all swimmers.  We will always train to race.  Bison practices always carry the intention of racing so whether we are swimming long sets, working on technique or timed sprints, they are very intentional and done with a racing mindset.  We do our best to correct technique and habits in a way that will allow each swimmer to reach maximum competition potential.

Though I wouldn’t say we have a “typical practice”, I will say that a Bison practice is typically different.

Q.)   Does Bison Aquatic Club Offer A Dry-Land Training Program)?

Absolutely.  Bison Aquatic Club has partnered with CrossFit OKC to offer what we believe is the best core strength and conditioning program offered by any club in the area.

Our athletes ages 13 and over are offered the opportunity to joint CFOKC as a part of our unique partnership.  Athletes can attend any of the CFOKC class opportunities available each day in order to work with a trainer before school, after school, mid-day or whatever works best for that particular athlete and their family as part of their Bison Aquatic Club Membership.

Q.)  Can An Athlete Visit a Bison Practice Before Joining?

A.)  Absolutely.  An athlete may request to visit a Bison practice through emailing us via our contact page.  A coach will get back with you ASAP to schedule a time to visit, spectate a practice or try a practice out by swimming with us.