2016-17 Utah Masters Swimming Meet Schedule

10/14-15/2016 University of Utah Club Rocky Mountain Invitational --> Register Now!

11/05/2016 10th Annual South Davis Invitational Masters Meet --> Register Now!

12/10/2016 Olympus Aquatics Masters Holiday Meet --> Register Now!

February 2017 -->QUAC Ski and Swim

03/18/2017 Olympus Aquatics Masters Spring Meet --> Register Now!

04/15/2017 Utah Masters Swimming State Championship --> Register Now!


Olympus Aquatics Masters Workout Information

Olympus Aquatics offers a fantastic and affordable Masters swimming team.  Don't be intimidated by the word "Masters" or "Team".  We are an easy-going group of old swimmers, triathletes and new athletes, who are learning to swim.  We get a great workout every time with an experienced coach on deck. 

There are showers on site so you can shower and get to work on time or get back home and get the kids out the door to school. 

A current United States Masters Swimming Membership is required for participation.  We have trial (free) memberships available while you give it a try.  These memberships are $50 and renewed every year. 

Workout Schedule/Coaches
Monday - Friday 6:00 - 7:00am, Saturday 7:00-8:00am
The coaches assigned to each day will be as follows for this week:
Monday - Tom Thorum
Tuesday - Shawn Stringham
Wednesday - Matt Farr
Thursday - Wes Johnson
Friday - Karen Oliver
Saturday - Doug Mortenson/Spencer Jenkins

Olympus Aquatics Masters has convenient and very affordable rates.  

Monthly: $25

Quarterly: $70

Punch Pass: $50 for 10 punches

Olympus Aquatics Masters might swim in some meets if we get enough interest, but mostly we swim  to stay in shape, and have fun.

Come join us!

Here are some great tips from USMS on how to get started.