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Summer Splash Camps

Update June 11

We are unable to offer our usual style of Swim Camps. We will have no access to other parts of the Summit aside from the pool.  We are working through Swim Canada, Provincial and City guidelines to offer training times during weekdays, for current Marlins, in three week sign up blocks. This information will be sent as soon as we are able to finalize it prior to July 1.

A decision will be made regarding conducting Summer Swim Camps at a later date depending on the latest recommendations regarding COVID-19 in our province. Should we be able to offer camps this summer, registration will open the end of May.

The Marlins offer swim camps for everyone from kids still learning to swim but who may be interested in becoming a competitive swimmer to those who are nearing the end of their swimming careers and interested in gaining other skills.

We have new camps this year! The Marlins plan to run camps July 6-Aug 28. There will be no camp August 5th and we will offer a reduced rate that week. Each camp is subject to cancellation or change if there is not sufficient registration. 

To register find the appropriate camp on our Events page and click Register Online. There will be no refunds for partial weeks, or for cancellations with less then 14 days notice. 

New Splashers Camp

This is a half day camp, running from 8:15am – 12:00 pm for swimmers not on a swim team under the age of 11. Swimmers must be 7 years of age and at red cross level 4 or equivalent. 

This camp is available for half day morning sessions only and includes 60 minutes in the pool and two hours of games and outdoor activities focused on building athletic skills and having fun. These games include things such as obstacle courses, relay races, running games, jumping/balance games, soccer, and Frisbee. This camp has the lowest coach to swimmer ratio of all our camps and is a great introduction to competitive swimming.

There will be a one time additional fee of $10 for any new swimmers who are currently not already on a swim team.

Early drop off (8:00am) or late pick up (1:00pm) is available for a $10/week fee. Cost is approximately $75 per week will be updated in May.

Junior Speed Camp

This camp is geared towards swimmers who have previously been on a swim team. Jr Speed Camps are available for a full day or half day, but works best as a full day camp.

Each morning and afternoon includes a pool session plus an hour of dryland. Swimmers will be working hard in the pool while still having a large focus on technical skills. Dryland includes runs and boot camp style workout as well as games.

Early drop off (8:00am) or late pick up (1:00pm) is available for a $10/week fee.

There will be a one time additional fee of $10 for any new swimmers who have not registered with a swim team since September 2019.  Cost is approximately $75 half day and $140 full days, per week. will be updated in May.

Advanced Speed Camp 

This is a tough full day training camp for swimmers 12 and up. This camp includes two pool sessions and dryland including boot camp, spin and outdoor runs and circuit training.

Swimmers must have trained this season with the Marlins Blue A, Orange or Performance groups. This camp is also open to non marlins who have qualified in at least one Nova Scotia provincial time standard.

This camp is in high demand, swimmers are expected to attend all 5 days for the full day.

Early drop off (8:00am) and late pick up (5:00pm) is available for an extra $10.Cost is approximately $140 per week. will be updated in May.

NEW THIS YEAR! Marlins Only Fitness Half Day Camp: 

This is a half day camp for Marlins swimmers ages 15 and up or who swam in Performance,  Orange A, Orange B last season, offered for 5 weeks of the summer with dates to be updated in May. Incldues two hours of pool time and a different dryland activity each day. 8:30-12 Monday to Friday- Cost approximately $75 per week with details to be announced in May. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Marlins Leadership Camps: 

We are planning a leadership camp for the Marlins older swimmers (14 or 15 and up) to take place at the end of the summer. This camp includes swimming training, coaching training, and lifeguard training. More details will be available closer to the summer. 

Performance swimmers will be contacted about other training options as the summer gets closer! 

Questions? Email [email protected]