PAC Fundraising

PAC has four main fundraising events each year listed below. All PAC families are required to raise a set amount of $ in support of our team.

CLICK HERE to view the current season commitments

To look up how many hours have been logged to your account to date click on:
>my account

>my invoice/payments
>fundraising tab
If you have questions about $ credited or missing from your account email marymclaughlin503@gmail.com

PAC Heat Sheet Ad Sales (September & Early October)

  • Easy No-Cost to you Fundraiser.  Simply sell Ads to local businesses in our Amy Eha Memorial Fall Invitational Heat Sheet.  You may also buy "Shout Out Ads" in Heat Sheet to encourage you swimmers, thank coaches, pool parents etc.  100% of $ raised for Ads sold is credited to your fundraising balance.

PAC Silent Auction (Amy Eha Memorial Fall Invitational Meet October/November)

  • Secure donations of Items from local businesses or donate items yourself.  Your fundraising balance is credited the amount raised by auction of the item.  The donor receives a tax receipt for item donated.

PAC Annual Raffle (October/November)

  • Sell $5 Raffle Tickets for GREAT PRIZES to family and friends.  You fundraising balance is credited for every ticket you sell.  Don't forget to return any unsold tickets by the deadline or you will be charged for them.

PAC / USA Swimming Foundation Annual Swim-a-Thon (Late March through Late May)

  • Get Sponsors, Swim Laps, Collect $ and Earn Amazing Incentive Prizes for each $ milestone you hit.  A fun community event, and a great way to increase the amount of PAC swag you have to proudly wear about.

Straight Donation (Anytime - we will provide a tax receipt)

  • Have a friend, colleague, family member looking to donate to a great cause? Want to just make a straight donation yourself? Contact our Head Administrator Mary and she'll make sure to furnish you with a tax receipt.

PAC also works with local corporations and giving services to raise additional funds in support of our mission

Does your employer offer grants to non-profits that you volunteer your time with? Intel does.   Talk to your employer about filling out the paperwork.  PAC will credit your Fundraising balance for all funds received. 

Does your employer have a giving program? Google does.  PAC is on the Benevity Giving Platform.

Does your employer offer matching funds? Intel, Boeing, Columbia, Nike, Widen Kennedy all do.  Earn credit for double your donation by asking your employer for these forms.

Use a giving platform such as Giving Assistant? Check to see if you receive a statement outlining how many dollars your purchases have raised for PAC.  Forward that statement to us and we'll credit your Fundraising balance for all funds received.