KAC Schedule & Pricing


Registration for Renewal Membership ~ September 10, 2018


Registration for New Membership begins September 24, 2018


The Killington Aquatic Club offers a variety of training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

To schedule a tryout or request for more information please email us at

2018 - 2019 Season will be held at the Pico Sports Center, 51 Alpine Dr., Killington, VT.  The First week of practice starting will be a Tryout week for Level placement.  Unless other arrangements are made by contacting KAC at or 802-353-0428.

If you are a First Time or Returning Member of USA Swimming and the New England LSC 2018 - 2019 season, a $78.00 yearly fee for USA Swimming membership is required. First time member of USA Swimming, a proof of age copy is required at registration (and only if you are 18 and under).   Proof of Age Requirement includes copies of 1 of the following:   Official birth certificate, Passport, Government-issued driver's license, Alien registration card, & Certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

New England LSC is going paperless so all athletes and non-athletes (coaches and officials) will be required to submit the online form.  No hand written forms will be processed.

KAC Yearly Family Registration;  $24.00.                                                                       Registration year being September 1 - August 31 




Killington Aquatic Club

2018 - 2019

Winter Session

Weeks do not include Holiday Break Weeks


Thanksgiving (11/19/18 to 11/23/18) 

Winter Break (12/24/18 to 1/4/19)

President's Week (2/18/19 to 2/22/19)

Pricing does NOT include the $78.00 USA Swimming Yearly Fee and meet entry fees.

****Purchasing of personal equipment is strongly encouraged this season.  A swim storage bin will be provided and locked in the KAC Team Room to allow mesh bags with last names written on them holding personal swim equipment to be stored through out the swim season.

Pico Sports Club and KAC will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


Group Competitive Team

Senior (11-18 years old)

Pre-Senior (7-10 years old)

A swimmer must participate in practice 3 times per week and compete in at least 3 meets, also including the championship meets in February/March. The Competitive Group will incorporate the following: Stroke Development, Cycle/Interval progression, race preparation, dry land exercises, goal setting, and increase of yardage throughout the season.


Group Coaches:  USA Swimming Coaches Kim Peters, Kristin Schiessl-Alf, and Aria Brissette

Senior (11-18 yr)- Practice Schedule and Pricing  

****Purchase of personal swim fins, swim pull buoy, paddles are required. 



Winter 2018 - 2019 Session (10/22/18 to 3/14/19) - 17 weeks offered 4 days/week                 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 4:30 - 6:00 pm                                                      $1,171.00  



Pre-Senior (7-10 yr)- Practice Schedule and Pricing

****Purchase of personal swim fins are required.



Winter 2018 - 2019 Session (10/22/18 to 3/14/19) - 17 weeks offered 3 days/week        Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 4:30 - 5:30 pm                                                       $879.00  


Cross Training/Development Team

7-18 years old

The Cross Training team is designed to fit the athlete who has a passion for swimming, but may be involved in other sports.  Swimming is an activity that serves the mind, body and spirit and is overall an activity that will assist in other activities/sports.  The focus for this team is to improve body position, breathing, and body control by using the water as the resistance.  Each week will be a different focus on a stroke with aerobic exercises included to build endurance and strength.  This team is a great place for summer swimmers who want to continue with their stroke development and to stay at the top of their game!

****Purchase of personal swim fins are required.


Group Coaches:  USA Swimming Coach Kim Peters, Kristin Schiessl-Alf, & Aria Brissette

Practice Schedule and Pricing

Winter 2018 - 2019 Session (10/22/18 to 3/6/19) - 16 weeks                                       Monday and/or Wednesday  6:00 - 6:45 pm.  


1 day per week $295.00

2 days per week $557.00



Learn to Swim 

LTS 1 (Wednesdays 4:30 - 5:00 pm @ Pool Stairs)- This is our entry level group (4-8 years).  This is geared for students who are getting comfortable in the water. These students are not yet comfortable putting their face in the water or very little exposure to this.  They do not feel comfortable swimming any length on their own.  We will work with students getting them comfortable in the water, they will be able to put their entire face in the water, they will swim small distances with a kick board or pull buoy without the assistance of an adult, they will jump in the water to an adult.  An adult will be in the water with the student at all times.  Offered 1 time per week.

LTS 2 (Wednesdays 5:00 - 5:30 pm @ Pool Stairs)- This is our medium entry level group (4-8 years).  This is geared for students who are already comfortable in the water but still need some adult support when swimming.  They can swim small distances on their own.  They are able to go underwater, they can blow bubbles, they put their entire face in the water.  We will work with the students to get them stronger and more proficient in their skills. They will learn how to float on their backs, swim greater distances on their own, they will be able to jump in the water and swim to the side on their own.  An adult will be in the water with the students at all times to provide assistance when needed.  Offered 1 time per week.

LTS 3  (Saturdays 10:00 - 10:30 am)- This is our higher level group (4-8 years).  This level is for students that are able to swim large distances on their own, just not necessarily any specific stroke.  They are comfortable jumping in the water and swimming to the side completely on their own.  Students will learn basic drills such as skate, 3 beat skate which are fundamental drills for freestyle. They would also learn how to do skate, 3 beat skate on their back to learn how to do backstroke.  No adult will be in the water but they will be on deck.  Offered 1 time per week.  

LTS 4 (Saturdays 10:30 - 11:00 am)-  This is our more advanced level group (4-8 years).  This level is for students that have successfully learned all the drills for freestyle and backstroke and need to learn the next set of drills before advancing to the swim team.  They will be introduced to specific drills for butterfly and breaststroke at this level.  No adult will be in the water but they will be on the deck.  Offered 1 time per week.  

Group Coaches:  USA Swimming Coach Aria Brissette

6 week class dates;

Group 1 - 11/7/18 through 12/22/18  LTS 2FULL

Group 2 - 1/9/19 through 2/16/19                                                                                    

All Groups - 1 time per week - 6 weeks - $164.00


*** There will be no Pro-rating.  Please attend all classes.  If there are cancellations by KAC, due to snow or other facility related incidences, KAC will do it's best to reschedule practices or lessons.