If you are interested in volunteering with Otters please speak with one of the Otter's Directors.

Club Officials Director (COD) -
•Arranges official’s clinics and notifies parents of clinics put on by other clubs
•Organize officials for time trials and swim meets
•Maintains a Club Roster of Officials and keeps Regional Officials Director (ROD) up to date
•Distributes officials’ pins and certification cards.

LMR Representative -   
•Represents the club at Lower Mainland Region meetings of Swim B.C. and report back to the Board

Meet Manager -
•Responsible for the planning and execution of time trials and meets (self and co-hosted)
•Ensures meet budget is met
•Communicates with Food & Beverage Coordinator
•Gives time trial results to website editor

Equipment Coordinator -
•Responsible for the purchasing, promoting and distributing of the Otters team apparel.
•Keeps an inventory of stock
•Maintains accurate accounts of all equipment and apparel purchases and sales made

Fundraising Chair -
•Present fundraising plan to the board at beginning of season
•Responsible for all the fundraising activities of the club.
•Create a committee to assist with fundraising activities and appoint a Coordinator for each fundraising event

Social Chair -
•Arranges for annual club and individual swim group photographs
•Organize year end party and any other club events (non fund raising)
•Arranges Club Awards Ceremony.
•Arranges motivational activities for swimmers

Travel Coordinator  -
•In charge of coordinating travel for out of town meets
•Obtain competitive rates for travel and accommodation at out of town meets.
•Liaises with chaperones and coaches
•Prepare estimates and reconcile travel costs for out of town swim meets
Sponsorship Chair -
•Works with the Board to create sponsorship programs.
•Solicits donations, advertising and sponsorship.
•Responsible for club’s adherence to sponsorship arrangements 
Public Relations Coordinator -
•Documents a Public Relations plan and on-going procedures
•Promotes and publicizes all aspects of the club
•Responsible for arranging press releases and club-advertising (in conjunction with Board and the coaching staff)
•Maintain and update the Trophy Cabinet and the Notice Board in the Aquatic Centre 
Website Editor - 
•Keeps web hosting services current
•Maintains accuracy of all information on the club website
•Receives all general website queries and forwards these to the appropriate person
•Obtains and publishes meet results on the website
•Updates website with photographs, coaches updates etc as needed.

Handbook maintenance -
•Update, print and distribute the Handbook at registration time each year

Language Liaison -
•Helps to communicate with our parents who are not fluent in English.