Coach's Corner

25 Feb 2018

What a season the TYPHOON'S have had so far! Gonna keep this short because words are not enough. I am proud of every single swimmer who has swam with us this season. I am inspired by the improvements I have been blessed to witness.  Excited about Divisional next week, we are not done yet!

Be Brave Typhoons!  Being brave starts with a simple though or idea that leads to a challenge to overcome your obstacles and tear down walls! Believe in you!!  THERE IS NO WALL!!!

Again thank you for trusting me to Coach you all!!!

Coach Bobby


10 December 2017


I cannot express in words how proud I am of every swimmer who came out to the Laporte Maple City Classic!!!! We had some very impressive and courageous swims.  We had swimmers continuing to knock off tremendous seconds off of their times.  No matter what you do as long as you give your complete heart and treat our competition with respect, your already a champion!!

I am excited about our upcoming meets it is amazing to see the improvement each time. I would like to see more of our team coming out to compete. Unless we try we cannot achieve our potential. I believe in every one of you and know the potential is limitless if you believe it to be.

I will be in the next few weeks meeting with everyone individually to discuss your goals for the rest of the season and to evaluate your progress thus far. Thank you for all of you being who you are!! Keep being yourselves and remember to think bold and be brave!

Thank you tremendously to Coach Cheryl!! Make sure to say hello and throughout the week I will be introducing her so every swimmer.  Thanks again everyone, so proud!!


-Coach Bobby






 7 October 2017

Today I saw everyone giving 100 percent, it was inspiring!!!  Everyone should be extremely proud of how well you swam in every event today.  I keep seeing the improvment and the enthusiasm in everyone and it is fun to be around.

We also learned somethings today about where we can improve and get even better.  Any opportunity to learn is a gift so we take those from today and we will work on them. Next week will be all stroke clinics so make your best effort to attend Monday through Thursday.

I would like to thank all the parents who put their time into helping your children have fun in a healthy positive manner. I have never seen a better core unit of parents! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach your children. As I am fallible, I can sometime fail to meet a need because I am unaware.  Please always feel free to express your concerns, if any, if i am unaware of anything.

Lastly, with the improvement I saw today I am nervous about getting called out for a Coahes Challenge. Be Brave Typhoons!  Being brave starts with a simple though or idea that leads to a challenge to overcome your obstacles and tear down walls! Believe in you!!

Coach Bobby








19 September 2017

I am so impressed with everyone's progress and I am happy to see everyone having fun. Tonight was fun but a lot of work. Be sure we are all ready for Tuesday! Practice meet and it will be a lot of fun!

Coach Jackson is super impressed with the STORMS group and loves the smiling faces!. TORNADOS are really starting to look impressive with every aspect of being a good team member as well as swimmer. Have seen a lot of progress in many ways. KEEP IT UP TORNADOS! HURRICANES are looking very good as well and I would like to keep seeing a passion for getting better! I equally appreciate everyone's efforts because I can see how geniune each of you are. It is very inspiring!

We are now in Week 5 already! WOW! Each Cycle will bring a different approach to accomplish the goals we have!.

Very proud of the effort that everyone gives everyday!! GO TYPHOONS!!!!!

Thanks to all the parents for their incredible support and what you give to help your kids be at the pool everyday!


-Coach Bobby






12 September 2017

The effort and focus from each swimmer has been great. Keep it up! Believe in yourself! Proud of every swimmer in the pool giving all of their heart. Thanks!

Coach Bobby



31 August 2017

Great practice tonight!!

I have been called out!!

Myself and Phillip will be dueling in a 150 m freestyle next Thursday! I like the confidence, go with it!

-Coach Bobby




29 August 2017

Saw some pretty amazing backstroke tonight, very impressed!  Keep up the good spirit and have fun while you learn.  Some really great starts and turns tonight as well! Glad to see the fun but serious competitive spirit tonight! How we treat our competitors should be in the tradition of how we want to be treated. I saw some great teamwork and encouragement tonight. I can feel the energy with this team, there are going to be some fast times this year! 


I feel there are some swimmers on this club that could beat me in alot of races. Soon there will be alot more of you as you get stronger. So I issue a challenge; challenge your coach! Distance to be determined but has to be between 50-500 meters and freestyle only! When someone beats me the winner will run the next designated practice. The next designated practice will consists of three options. You choose!

1.  Create your own workout,which Coach Bobby has to do, as he get's laughed at! **(limitations)**

2.  Watergames all practice

3.  Pizza! No Swimming! (YESS! PIZZA AND NO SWIMMING)

Hope to get called out!!!

Everyone is doing amazing, see you tomorrow!


Never under-estimate your potenial..over-rate your possibility!

Thank You to all the parents, you have been so welcoming and kind! Hope to continue with your approval.

Coach Bobby





23 August 2017

I am honored to be your head coach, everytime my feet breach the deck I realize I will learn as much as I hope to teach. My goal is to help make practice fun to come to and I want to have fun while we practice. I promise to give as much as everyone is willing to give back. I am all in!!! I have been so impressed with everyone's enthusiasm at practice so far. I have seen extreme potential in everyone and it makes me excited about being there everyday! I firmly believe that I have a pool full of individuals who are just as excited! Great week so far! Always open to ideas! I want everyone to get creative with ideas on mascots and group names. We will decide for certain on Monday.


- Coach Bobby



August 2017:

As we start to gear up and get ready for another fun and exciting swim season we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Coach Bobby to our team.  Coach Bobby will be taking over coaching duties for the 2017/2018 year.  Be on the look out for updates on here from Coach Bobby soon.....