Weekly Clinics



Weekly Clinics - Ages 7-12 

We are excited to announce that, for the first time, STREAMLINE is partnering with the City of Grapevine to offer progressions-based technique clinics for strong swimmers including competitive swimmers. The clinics will be held in the 25 yard lap pool of the The REC of Grapevine. These clinics are ideal for TAAF summer league swimmers that don't want to stagnate during the school year. They are also recommended for YMCA and lower-level club swimmers to complement their team workouts with deliberate technique practice, as well as for swimmers that have completed a traditional swim lessons program and want to get better.

Choose between stroke technique clinics and turn clinics, or sign up for both. Turn clinics include underwater skills such as streamline, dolphin kick, and pullout. Above- and underwater video will be used to enhance the learning process. Requirements: Ability to swim full laps of free, back, and breaststroke. For ages 7-12 


Days:     Saturdays           

Times:   7-8am Stroke Clinics

              8-9am Turn Clinics (including underwater skills)

Fee:       $59/month ($69 for non-Grapevine residents)

Where:  Grapevine REC Center lap pool (25 yard pool)  

Coach:   Marieke Roberts and, depending on group size, an assistant coach

How to register: Register through the City of Grapevine: Call the Aquatics line at (817) 410-3461, or register online at Upon registration, please reference to the 6-digit code for this course: Stroke Clinic = 503501 and Turn Clinic = 503502. Payment can be made with Visa or Mastercard.