Private Lesson

General Information                              

Whether you are a novice or advanced swimmer, for fast results STREAMLINE offers private lessons. The intense one-on-one instruction not only allows for and effective training, but also offers the flexibility to work on your specific technique needs. In addition, our private lessons offer the option to work on your endurance, strength, or speed.



For anyone who wants to see fast results. Do you want to take lessons with a friend or teammate? Then our semi-private lessons may be an option for you. STREAMLINE, however, does not organize groups for semi-private lessons—you will have to find your own partner/group.



The private lessons will be taught by Marieke Roberts.


Where and When?

Private lessons are offered in the GCISD Swim Center in Grapevine. To find a time slot that works for you, please contact us.


Lesson Fees

A private lesson takes approximately 60 minutes and costs $75. A semi-private lesson also take about 60 minutes and costs $50 per swimmer.