Liquid Lightning Partners

We want to Congratulate the multiple Liquid Lightning Seniors that have signed to swim in college next fall.  Statistics say that overall a little over 7% of high school athletes go on to play a sport in college and only 2% play at NCAA Division I schools.  So far, FIVE of our seniors here at Liquid Lightning have already signed letters of commitment to swim next fall.  We are so happy to have been a part of each one of these swimmers growth and are so PROUD of all the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout the years!  Good Luck Next Year Girls!!! 

Congratulations to Olivia Cassise who will be swimming Division II at SAGINAW VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY

Congratulations to Emily Shores who will be swimming Division I at OAKLAND UNIVERSITY


Congratulations to Lauren Sielicki who will be swimming Division I at BOSTON COLLEGE

Congratulations to Betsey Walkowiak who will be swimming Division I at UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY 

Congratulations to Ashlee Weltyk who will be swimming Division I at  UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHIGAGO