Thanks to all of our great volunteers! Click here if your need a reimbursement form for your expenses.

All families participating in the "regular season" swim meets MUST sign up for SIX or more volunteer positions for the season, as the swim meets are entirely parent run (in fact, other than coaches, the league is a 100% volunteer organization!). There are many jobs that need to be done and if even one job is without a volunteer, it creates issues in running a smooth and efficient swim meet.  It can even affect your child's race or time!

Volunteer shifts for each meet can be found on this website under Meet Schedule (under each particular meet), and reminders will be communicated via email.

If your child swims in the "post-season," meaning Prelims, Championships, and/or All Stars, you also will be required to work an additional volunteer shift at each meet attended.  This is a Mountain High Swim League rule and there is no buy-out provision!


If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement ASAP and to notify the team Staffing Coordinator. 


ALL meet volunteers (for both 1st and 2nd shifts) must check in at the staffing table (typically set up by the pool entrance, either at home or away) by 7:30 am.

First Shift (Events 1 – 48) must report for duty at your station by 7:45 am.

Second Shift (Events 49 - 90) must report for duty at your station by the end of Event 47.

If you are not checked-in by 8:15 am, your shift will be reassigned and you will owe $50.00!



Parent Rep (trained position) – Helps resolve protests by the coaches regarding disqualified swimmers and helps keep the meet moving smoothly.

Announcer (assigned position) - Announces all upcoming races and team point totals throughout meet, and serves as the team's sound system manager.

Head Scoring/Computer (trained position) - Runscomputer software at meets and enters swimmer times.

Scoring Helper - Reviews time sheets and posts results.

Scribe (DQ Marking) - Fills out disqualification slips. 

Clerk of Course (trained position) - Coordinates the swimmers’ entries for the meet and establishes the heating schedule.  Must attend a 3 hour clinic pre-season.

Heating Area (Clerk of Course Helper) - Lines up swimmers in the heating area and gets the kids behind the blocks in the right order.

Concessions (Home Meets) - Assists in stocking concession stand and selling to customers during meets.

Meet/Deck Referee (Home Meets, trained positions) – Watches over the meet to make sure that all the rules are adhered to, accepts/declines potential swimmer disqualifications, and arbitrates on any matters that may arise. Must have been a stroke and turn judge previously for one season, in addition to attending a 3 hour clinic pre-season.

Runners - Runs time sheets from timers to scoring. Collects and delivers disqualification slips to the Scoring Table. Assists in communications between Starter, Clerk of Course and Scoring Table.

Stroke & Turn Judges (trained position) - Judges swimmers on the legality of their strokes and disqualifies swimmers if they complete a stroke incorrectly. Must be certified each year by attending a 3 hour clinic pre-season.

Starter (trained position) - Starts each race after ensuring that swimmers are in proper positions. Must attend a 3 hour clinic.

Timers - Uses a stop watch at the end of a lane to time the swimmers' races.

For volunteer positions requiring training sessions, please refer to the MHSWeb Site for training schedule.