Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




It’s the day before the meet and my swimmer is sick. Should I pull him from the meet today or wait until tomorrow in case he gets better?


You know your child best, if it appears he/she is pretty sick, (fever, throwing up) please contact the Coordinator immediately and have him/her pulled or taken out of the meet.  It is always easier to add a swimmer to a meet versus taking a swimmer out of a meet.





What is a speeding ticket?


A speeding ticket is a form that you and your child will complete after they have swam a race in a meet if their time has improved or gotten faster than their previous time in that event.  This helps each swimmer focus on their own accomplishments, improving their time versus what place they may have finished in the race.  


Where can I find a blank speeding ticket?


Each family will receive some blank speeding tickets in their family folder after the first week of practice and the document will also be posted on the website under “Important Documents”.