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Welcome to Swim Long Beach!

We are the Master’s Swim Program practicing at the Belmont Plaza Pools in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California. Our mission is to promote personal fitness and happiness through living a healthy, balanced, aquatic lifestyle. Within the context of safety and fun, in a positive and supportive environment, we pursue our mission through our special blend of pool, bay, and ocean swim practices. Our swimmers are all-ages and all levels of experience, ability and speed. 

A few examples of our adult swimmers are:

  • Former high school and collegiate swimmers returning to the sport 
  • Tri-athletes improving their swimming form and speed
  • Firefighters staying in shape for their careers
  • Open-ocean paddlers and surfers cross training & building cardio
  • Career professionals who work in an office, studio, or classroom and need exercise.
  • Grandparents or older folks staying in shape for themselves and family.
  • Adults switching from other sports to swimming as their main form of exercise. 


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