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Parent Jobs

It takes a lot of man power to run a meet. Not only are there lots of jobs done at the meet, there are numerous jobs done behind the scenes. Because some seasonal jobs require more work during the dual meets, workers may not be required to work at Champs. 

Each description will tell you whether or not you work Champs. If we really need you to meet the League requirements, we reserve the right to ask but only if absolutely necessary. If the description says you will work Champs, it is because your expertise is needed or because the job only requires the standard amount of hours compared to seven single shifts. 

Everyone receives training so don’t be intimidated by the job. If you see a job that does require experience and you would like to learn how to do it, talk to the Volunteer Coordinator to see if you can shadow a skilled worker.

These jobs are filled as soon as we can get your commitment, so be sure to contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately if you want one of these jobs. 

Questions?  Contact Chris Horel at


Seasonal Job Descriptions

No experience required. Use a microphone to direct swimmers by event and heat number to the Ready Bench. Announce swimmers by name and other pertinent information over the PA system during home meets. Will work Champs. 

Certificate Sales
No experience required. Sells One Month Membership Certificates. This volunteer collects payments and delivers certificates to swimmer folders. Requires checking for orders daily during a four (4) week period. Will work Champs. 

Clerk of the Course
No experience required but helpful. This person works to organize the swimmers at the Ready Bench before they go to the starting blocks. Clerk of the Course volunteers work all meets but do not work Champs.

Clothing Coordinator
No experience required. The clothing coordinator sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, towels, and other swimming gear for the team. Connections with the suppliers are already established. This person provides samples of apparel and collects orders. May require set up and sale of items at swim and social events held at Del Norte. Will not work Champs. 

Computer & Colorado System  
No experience required. The Colorado Timing System collects and records times from each heat and stores them so the computer can use the times in the meet results. Two operators will take turns running the master timing console to ensure that the correct race and heat are associated with the recorded time files. This position requires attention to detail to ensure that our swimmers times are recorded properly. Colorado volunteers only work at home meets and will work champs.

Computer System
Experience required: These people maintain the integrity of the swimmer database utilizing the Meet Manager software program. Meet Manager is the central hub where all the meets results are collected and verified. Two operators will work as a team to ensure that a home meet runs smoothly and the meet results are recorded accurately. Computer volunteers only work at home meets and will work champs.

Computer Assistant
No experience required but familiarity with computers needed. Will be trained to do all the necessary tasks associated with running meets. They work both shifts at home meets and will work champs.

Head Timer
Experience needed. This person trains timers, makes sure we have all timers present at each shift and trouble shoots issues when they arise. Works home meets and champs

Hospitality Coordinator 
No experience needed. Coordinates all aspects of providing hospitality to volunteers. Determines snacks and drinks and shops for items. Oversees volunteers in the preparation and serving of food. Oversees storage of equipment after each meet. Works home meets and Champs. 

Meet Director & Referee
Swim team experience required. League training required. This person is in charge of all the “wet side” of home meets. He/she is responsible for making sure the meet starts on time and runs smoothly. The meet referee has the final decision on all cases. Will work Champs.

Meet Set-Up & Take-Down
No experience needed. This group of workers set up equipment for home meets on Friday afternoon/evening. They complete set up on Saturday mornings before the meet begins. After meet is completed, equipment is taken down and stored. They do set up and take down at Champs. 

Music & Sound Coordinator
Experience required. Sets up sound equipment for home meets and social events at Del Norte. Selects and plays music. Works at Champs and may need to transport and set up equipment there. 

Photography experience and camera equipment required. This person takes pictures at dual swim meets, social events, and Champs and creates an end-of-the-year slide show. DVDs of the slide show may be produced and sold to team families as a fund raiser. May also post pictures for parents to see on secure web site.

Ready Bench Coordinator
Experience in Ready Bench needed. Provides training to new Ready Bench Parents at beginning of season. Makes sure Ready Bench workers are present and understand their duties at each meet. Provides meet sheets to volunteers before meet begins. Does not work at Champs.

Ready Bench
No Experience Required. This group of people supervises swimmers in an assigned age group. They “mark up” swimmers prior to the beginning of each meet. They chaperone swimmers in their designated waiting areas. Swimmers are brought to the on-deck Ready Bench area and are monitored while waiting for their heat. Ready Bench volunteers work all meets but do not work Champs.

Ribbon Writer/Awards Coordinator
Experience with ribbon writing helpful. Responsible for maintaining supplies, setting up and overseeing the ribbon writing process at home and away meets. Will train volunteers and notify computer personnel if there are problems with labels. Will be responsible for collecting awards at Champs. Works with coach to determine trophies for Awards Ceremony. Order, pick-up and set-up trophies for Awards Banquet. Update record board with new plaques each season. Will work Champs. 

Snack Bar Coordinator
Coordinates all aspects of running the Snack Bar. Determines menu and prices. Oversees all volunteers in the purchase of food, snack bar set up, food prep and sales, clean up and storage of equipment. Works all home meets. Does not work Champs.

Snack Bar Grill Master
Experience working with gas grills required. Grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken for snack bar. Responsible for setting up and storing equipment as needed. Works one long shift at each home meet. Will work Champs.

Snack Bar Shopper
No experience required. Purchases, stores and delivers snack bar food prior to home meets. Helps with set-up and clean-up of snack bar. Works with Snack Bar Coordinator to determine what should be purchased before each home meet. Will work Champs.

Spirit Coordinator
No experience required. Provides a morale boost to the team by coordinating themes, crafts and team spirit activities.

Sponsorship/Donations Solicitor
No experience required. This person solicits sponsors for the team by contacting businesses in the area and arranging for sponsorships or donations of needed items for team events. May also contact area restaurants to arrange fund raisers involving a percentage of sales on a specified day. Will work at Champs if needed.

Swim meet knowledge required. Must attend training. This position is responsible for coordinating the start of each race. They signal the beginning of the race and ensure that all swimmers have a fair takeoff. Starters work home meets and Champs. 

Stroke & Turn Judge
Swim meet knowledge required. Previous participation on a swim team is extremely helpful. Must attend training. This person observes swimmers’ stroke and turn techniques and notes any deviations from league rules. May work at both home and away meets and will work Champs.

Shift Job Descriptions

Events Board
No experience required. This person posts event numbers during home meets using a numbering system and a stand. 

No experience required. Workers prepare and serve beverages and snacks to other volunteers during home meets.

Lane Runners
No experience required. These workers collect paperwork from Lane Writers and Stroke and Turn volunteers and take to computer personnel. 

Program Sales
No experience required. Work with computer volunteers to print program pages. Assembles programs and sells them at home meets. May also sell swim team apparel when available.

Ribbon Writers
No experience required. Prepares ribbons by placing computer generated labels on them. Ribbons are filed alphabetically in family folders. May also provide assistance with scratch sheets prior to meets. Shifts start at 9 a.m. and noon.

Snack Bar
No experience required. This group of people prepare, sell, and store food and beverage items. They may assist in set-up, take down, and cleaning the snack bar equipment. There are 3 shifts between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and the end of the meet.

Social Events
No experience required. Assist with set up of tables, beverage containers, etc. Provide assistance if needed during event. Clean up by placing items back in storage. Social Events may include: Parent Mixer, Pasta Feeds, Under 8 Activity, Glow Bowling, Movie Night, Bonfire Night, Swim -A-Thon, and Awards Banquet. 

No experience required. This person times a swimmer using a plunger connected to an automated timing system and/or a stopwatch. Three Timers are assigned to each swimmer’s lane. One of the three Timers will also be a Lane Writer. Training will be provided.