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Eagle Swim Team - Stroke Clinic


What is it?  The EST Stroke Clinic is a non-competitive practice group.   This clinic is meant for children who love to swim and are looking to continue their development.  Practices focus on all four (4) competitive strokes and a variety of skills, such as breathing, streamline, kicking, turns, and drill work.

Who is it for?  The EST Stroke Clinic is for swimmers ages 8 to 12 years old (roughly 3rd - 7th grade).  Our clinic caters to swimmers who are considering year-round swimming, but not quite ready yet (either skill-wise or commitment-wise).  Lastly, our clinic is a great option for summer league swimmers to stay in the water during the school-year, with a low commitment.

Should I sign my child up?   In order to be eligible for the EST Stroke Clinic, swimmers must be able to complete at least two lengths of the pool Freestyle and Backstroke, as well as show the ability to breathe with proper air exchange (exhaling under water).  A working knowledge of butterfly and breaststroke is preferred.  Summer league experience is preferred, but not required.

When is it?   The Stroke Clinic meets on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:00pm at McDonogh School.  Below are the 2017-2018 session dates:

2017-2018 Clinic Dates
Fall:  September 12 - November 9 (8-week session)
Winter:  November 28 - February 15 (10-week session)
Spring:  April 10 - May 31 (8-week session)

2018-2019 Clinic Dates
TBD - coming soon!

How much does it cost*?   Our Fall and Spring sessions (8 weeks each) will cost $160 per option (Tuesday or Thursday).  Our Winter session (10 weeks) will cost $200 per option.

*Children may be signed up for both options/nights of the clinic.  However, please understand that:  1) Thursday night practices are a copy of Tuesday night, and 2) Make-up classes cannot be offered.*


Contact Coach Danny Russell with any questions ~

To register, follow these steps from our homepage:

~ Click on "Swim School"
~ Scroll towards the bottom, and click on the arrow next to "Eagle Swim Team Stroke Clinic"
~ Find the session you want, and click on the green "Registration" button

~ (Repeat these steps if your child will do both days in the session)

Thank you for your interest in the Eagle Swim Team Stroke Clinic!