Team Info

Team Activities

We will always try to schedule special activities throughout the swimming season.  Your suggestions are always welcome.

Watch AAY Bulletin Board for information on Special Activities.

Team Sponsored Home Meets

The AAY Swim Team will host several home meets during the year. We have hosted meets in the past that was organized as well as fun.  We want to continue the tradition and in order to do this we need a lot of parent workers to do various jobs.  Please plan on working at least three meets this season and get involved in all the aspects of hosting a meet.  This gives parents a chance to be a good role model and show “team work” to our children.

Away Swim Meets: When attending away meets parents are still required to help out when needed.  The host team will usually let us know what they need.  It’s always nice for all parents to put in their fair share so there’s not just a few doing all the work.  TEAM WORK!

Team Fees

1.     YMCA Membership - Youth $125 yearly.  All participants must be a YMCA member.

2.     $60 per swimmer per month.  $50 developmental group.

3.     One time per season League fee of $50 per swimmer, sent to KYCSL (This is entry fee for all YMCA meets).

4.      USA Card $90 as of 2020 per year (Must have to participate in USA & KYLSC sanctioned meets).  All fees must be paid at the beginning of swim season at the front desk.

5.       In September, registration will be done on-line and all fees will be paid at that time, including any past due fees.  Each month, fees must be paid through the on-line system at the beginning of each month.

* All team fees must be paid in full each month.  Please pay at the beginning of each month.  If fees are in arrears team member may not participate in practice or attend meets.

*  YMCA membership is not refundable.

* Team fees are not pro-rated.

* There are no discounts.