Swim Season

Swimming Seasons

There are two swim seasons, fall/winter and spring/summer.  Fall/winter seasons practices and swim meets are conducted indoors and are called “short course” pools.  Our winter home is at the YMCA and begins Sept. 1st of each year.  Summer begins May 1st and is considered long course season.  Most meets that are we will be attending will be long course (50meter).  We will continue to practice at the Y unless otherwise notified.

League Participation and Swim Meets

Participants who choose to compete with the YMCA Barracuda Swim Team must make a season long commitment.  The swimmer must compete in at least two “Y” meets, (within the KYCSL), to be eligible for competition in the State Championships and three YMCA meets for “Y” Nationals.  They must also be in “good standing” with the team, which means all league and entry fees have been paid.  Remember “Team Work” is essential for a successful year.

Whether “Y” or USA (United States Swimming), there are basically two types of swim meets: the invitational and the duel or tri meets.  For an invitational, the host club invites any teams it wishes.  These meets can be quite large.  They are generally two or three-day meets and are divided into sessions with various age groups swimming either in the morning or afternoon.  Invitational meets often offer team trophies, individual and/or age group trophies and medals or ribbons in various divisions.  The types of awards given are entirely up to the host team.  There are three YMCA Invitational Meets per fall/winter swim season. The league fee of $35 per year per swimmer is your entry fee to the YMCA meets.

For USA Invitationals, swimmers are often grouped into three categories (A, B, C) according to their ability to swim different strokes and distances relating to time standards set at the state and national levels.  Many invitational meets are structured to accept all or some categories of A,B,C swimmers.  There are some meets throughout the meet season that a swimmer must hold an “A” time to be entered. The USA Invitational has an entry fee per event that swimmers enter.  There is a USA card that must be purchased for $69 year per swimmer.

In the duel or tri meets, the host team invites only one or two teams.  The schedule of events is much shorter, the entries limited (number of swimmers per event, number of events per swimmer) and the meet usually lasts only a few hours (Saturday morning or afternoon).  These meets are usually YMCA meets.